Review: Offset “Father of 4”

Stephanie Pettway

A&E Editor

Offset: One third of the “Migos,” Cardi B’s Baby Daddy, and also a father of 4.

Now, I will preface this by saying that I like the Migos. I never really listened to any of their music before “Culture I,” but once I listened to the singles off of that album (and the album as a whole), they were a rap group that I could actually support in the current state that rap is in today.

Now does this necessarily influence how I view each of the member’s solo albums?

Not so much.

Though I will also add that I feel the “Migos,” as a group is where each artist is at their strongest, but not really as individuals. Maybe as features, but they usually get overshadowed by the artist who is featuring them or by other artists featured on the song (unless its Quavo, who is the strongest individual feature artist of the group).

Now, over the past year, each member has released their own solo album with Offset being the last and in my opinion the best of the three.

Quavo, and Takeoff’s albums where good but forgettable in my opinion. This is not to say that Offset’s will be forgettable as well, but I will say that the songs are “sticking” with me more than the songs on his counterparts.

“Father of 4,” allows for listeners to learn a bit about Offset, or at least that he seems to struggle when it comes to being a father.

In the opening album titled song, “Father of 4,” the rapper speaks on how he has made some mistakes with some of his kids and their mothers. He shares about being young and broke child to missing birthdays and just overall missing out on parts of his children’s lives. He then goes on to how he is trying to do better and how he has to support them and that everything he does is for them.

This song starts off, and sets the tone, with a spoken word by rapper Big Rube, which is in the perspective of Offset. He talks about what we get from him is real but that he is more than the mistakes he’s made.

This makes the track so strong because it lets us into the mind of Offset, making it seem more genuine and sincere and that he is aware of what he has done, apologizes for it, and is ready to do better in the future.

In the song “Came a Long Way,” and my personal favorite, it ends the album just as strong as it started. From starting the album off with an apology, this ends it with the clear reflection of his life.

He acknowledges how he came from hard times which lead him to deal drugs and commit robberies and how he never thought rapping would get him to where he is now.

This song also captures the skill that Offset actually possess which is something we don’t get to see often.

After listening to the 16 tracks on this album, I can say that as a whole it is something you would expect from him musically, however, lyrically there are some songs that display exactly what Offset is trying to show us, which is that he has so much more to offer and that he is striving to be better than he was before; as a father and a rapper.

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