Choir Promotes Having “Hope From The Heart”

By Amanda Nardiello

Staff Reporter

On Oct. 23 at 1:30 p.m. in Sacred Heart University’s Edgerton Center, members of the choir will sing songs promoting hope and love in their “Hope from the Heart” concert.

The choirs performing at the event include Concert Choir, Pioneer Choir, Liturgical Choir, Blended Hearts, Four Heart Harmony, S.H.U L.O.V.E and the SHUpermen. These choirs will be performing two or three of their own signature pieces at the concert. There are about 230 members of the choir program.

Though there are so many members in the choir program, each individual choir has a different amount of student participants.

For example, Concert Choir has about 135 students, while Four Heart Harmony is a more selective chamber choir that has 30 to 40 students.

With the help of Dr. John Michniewicz, Director of the Choral Program, the choir has grown tremendously over the years. Michniewicz has been the choir director for 12 years. He hopes this upcoming performance will be uplifting, and will include a positive message about making the world a better place.

“All of the songs are inspirational and uplifting. They are fun to sing and listen to,” said Michniewicz.

The music at the concert will range from a pop song called “Sing a Song,” by Earth, Wind, & Fire to “Iza Ngsomso,” an African song by Christopher Tin.

“I think people should attend to hear great music. When you hear a choir, it is a very powerful and energizing experience. The choirs have been rehearsing quite extensively, practicing some challenging, yet rewarding music,” said Michniewicz.

The students really enjoy this theme of this years performance.

“I think it expresses the true embodiment of Sacred Heart and what we all stand for on this campu,” said seior Jane Kenney, the Choral Program President and Four Heart Harmony’s Choir President. “I truly hope that those who participate in this performance with us can sense the emotion behind all of these wonderful pieces and the people singing them.”

The performance is also something Dr. Michniewicz holds close.

“It is an important theme because in the world sometimes we hear a lot of bad news, but I think if we can focus on the positives things, the world will be a better place with our opportunities to change that,” said Michniewicz.

As a member of three choirs, Kenney feels that choir is her home away from home.

“I’ve met so many amazing people through this program that continue to build me up and strengthen my abilities every day. My directors and my peers are like family and I think that is a very special trait for a program to possess,” said Kenney.

Students will be able to listen and sing along with the choirs and support fellow friends at “Hope from the Heart.” The directors and choir members are putting on this show for the community to promote hope, love and faith.

“We want the show to be very exciting. I think it will be a very powerful experience for people to come see it,” said Michniewicz.

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