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On Tuesday, Jan. 24, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 95th Oscar Awards Ceremony. The awards, which will take place on Sunday, March 12, will honor outstanding achievement in film, with stand-out nominees gaining notable attention from the public.

The Oscars will award winners in 23 different categories, ranging from best direction and acting categories down to production details like best screenplay, best hair and makeup and best sound. The awards will culminate in the most talked about “Best Picture” award.

Sacred Heart University Graduate Student and Master’s Degree in Film & Television Production candidate Elise Jolie is particularly interested in the awards, as she is a filmmaker herself.

“The Oscars are important to the film community because it recognizes all aspects of film making and awards them,” she said. “While most people pay attention to Best Actor and whatnot, there are awards for every aspect of the production and people can receive credit in their own areas.”

While she is a fan of the Academy Awards, Jolie acknowledges that some films are not given the same recognition as others.

“My main genre is animation, it’s what I do, so I wish there were a few more animated film awards just because it’s what I’m passionate about,” said Jolie.

The sci-fi adventure movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once” is poised at the top of the nomination list with 11 nominations. According to the New York Times, the film also makes Academy history with lead actress Michelle Yeoh being the first Asian Best Actress nominee.

Sophomore Grace Peknic is avid about her support for the film.

“No question about it. It tackles the relationship between a mother and daughter. It also makes the audience question what really matters in this life, where everything seems to be happening all at once,” said Peknic.

“The cast is filled with brilliant performances… [and] the cinematography blew me away,” she said. “It is so relevant to our society and the world we are living in. I cannot wait to see it get all the credit it deserves at the Oscars.”

Senior Christopher Devlin was surprised to see “Top Gun: Maverick” as one of this year’s nominees.

“While it was a good movie it doesn’t feel like an Oscar Award winning film,” said Devlin.

He had a similar opinion on “Elvis.”

“I understand why ‘Elvis’ was nominated, but I do not think it will win.”

Freshman Maggie Ives, on the other hand, is disappointed to see her favorite film of the year is not one of those up for the grand award.

“I think ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ shows an abstract view of the world that should be recognized by the Oscars,” said Ives.

Freshman David Izzari also felt “Don’t Worry Darling” was slighted by the Academy.

“I really liked the use of sound tracking. They used the sounds of breathing to show terror. It’s very spooky. The sound was probably my favorite part of the movie,” Izzari said.

The 95th Academy Awards can be viewed live next month on ABC on March 12.

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