“Glitter in the Sky, Glitter in my Eye”

HBO Max’s “Euphoria,” the 2019 drama series popularized by a young and Zendaya-obsessed demographic, has come out with a second season which dives deeper into the previously explored topics and visuals of the first.

The American adaptation of the Israeli show with the same name, shines a light on high school students as they struggle through their teen years within the confines of addiction, mental health issues, and relationship conquests.

Aside from the busy plot line, fans of the show have shown strong interest in the series’ costume and makeup choices. These designs individually glamorize each character using heavy glitter makeup and form fitting garments in bright colors and bold patterns.

According to Vogue Magazine, costume designer Heidi Bivens has earned Emmy, Primetime, and CDG Award nominations for her work on the first season of “Euphoria.” It has been reported that due to the second season’s interest in darker themes, the clothing pieces will be dyed deeper and styled a bit edgier than previously shown, along with more subdued makeup choices.

Bivens told Vogue Magazine that when she was beginning her design process for season one, she pulled show creator Dan Levinson aside and said, “‘I could do this, and it would be more realistic, or I could do this other thing that’s not as realistic.’ He said, ‘I don’t give an eff about reality.’ That resonated with me.”

Many fans of the show have used social media to express their thoughts and opinions on the show’s costume design and overall aesthetic.

The main platform, which has given “Euphoria” promotion with talk of the unique fashion choices, is TikTok. On the app, many have poked fun at the way students dress at “Euphoria High” in videos where they switch from an outfit they would wear to class, typically a casual sweater and lounge pants, into a skin hugging, multi-textured, and revealing outfit accessorized with high-heels and large statement jewelry.

“I love the ‘Euphoria High’ trend on TikTok, I think it’s so funny and I love seeing what everyone grabs from their closet when they think of the show,” said junior Reagan Daly. “Everyone knows just what makes something ‘Euphoria’ or not.”

The trend has gotten shared and recreated so many times, it has even prompted Vogue Magazine to release an article entitled “How Would You Dress for Euphoria High.” The article features a handful of creators who all interpret the trend using pieces from their own closet.

Another video concept has creators on the app switching the lights off in their bedrooms as they fall backwards onto the bed, quickly switching the frame to show their eyes covered in glitter and their bedroom now a glowy neon, courtesy of LED strip lights. This video pays homage to a season one scene in which Rue, the main protagonist of the series’ storyline, does the same stunt in similar makeup.

“It honestly makes so much sense that so many people our age love the makeup, hair, and clothing on ‘Euphoria.’ It’s bold, and so desperately reminiscent of the early 2000’s, when we all grew up,” said junior Hailey Morelli. “The show’s design is so packed full of creativity, and everyone I see on social media is more than a little creative.”

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