Mourning in Margaritaville

Legendary singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffett has died. According to a statement by a spokesperson for the Buffett family,  “Jimmy passed away peacefully on the night of Sept. 1 surrounded by his family, friends, music and dogs. He lived his life like a song till the very last breath and will be missed beyond measure by so many.”

Buffett’s multi-decade career was dedicated to promoting the low-key, beach bum attitude and strived to provide an escape from the outside world. His silly songs often reminisced on enjoying a “frozen concoction,” spending time with your toes in the sand, sitting out in the sun or even the simplicity of his cheeseburger order.

“His music was just so fun and happy, it always put me in a good mood,” said senior Sam Eaton. “The relaxing island vibe is the epitome of serenity and I could not imagine anything better.”

“Jimmy Buffet is a pillar of summer,” said sophomore Isabella Defrancesco. “No beach party was complete until ‘Margaritaville’ played.”

While critics never fawned over his music, his legion of “Parrotheads” always had his back. This dedicated group of fans showed up at his shows decked out in Hawaiian shirts, parrot hats, flower leis, “Margaritaville” merchandise and more. They turned his overly-catchy tunes into a lifestyle.

“My dad owned so many Margaritaville t-shirts that have now been passed down to me,” said senior Dani Savino.

Buffett’s biggest hit from 1977, “Margaritaville,” quickly grew a life of its own. Nearly 50 years since its release, the song has grown into an ultra recognizable chain of restaurants, hotels, retirement communities and products. Everything from clothing to frozen foods to alcoholic beverages and “frozen concoction makers” have been branded by the catchy tune. Buffett also had his own Broadway Musical dedicated to the fictional destination.

“I love Jimmy Buffett because he has taken something so simple and created an entire brand about it. He stands for living a simple life and enjoying all of it,” said Savino. “Margaritaville is a mindset and a way of life, and we can thank him for giving that to all of us.”

His desire to spread the laid-back vibes and celebratory attitude allowed him to create a multimillion dollar brand, according to the Associated Press. “He landed at No.18 in Forbes’ list of the Richest Celebrities of All Time with a networth of  $1 billion.”

Not many artists have the same longevity that Buffett has. His dedicated fanbase has spanned over generations. Many of his “Parrotheads” have passed down their love for the singer and his lifestyle through their family.

“My parents introduced me to Jimmy Buffet when he came on the radio as a kid. He was a regular on the FM radio stations and my dad would always say that he is ‘living the dream,’” said Eaton.

“I was introduced to Jimmy Buffett by my dad. I distinctly remember hearing his very famous Christmas song when I was little, and then his staples always played during our pool and beach days,” said Savino.

While not mentioned in the original statement, Buffett’s cause of death was later revealed. According to the Associated Press, Buffett died after a four-year fight with an aggressive and rare form of skin cancer, called Merkel cell cancer.

While he may be gone, his music and sunny attitude will continue to live on.

“His music will go on forever- so did he really die?” said Eaton.

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