Princess Diana’s On-Screen Portrayals

The life story of the late Princess Diana has been the subject of several new movies and television series, including “Spencer” and the latest seasons of Netflix’s “The Crown.”

According to, Diana Spencer became the Princess of Wales after marrying the son of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles. Shortly after marriage, she became the mother of Prince William and Harry.

Regularly nicknamed “The People’s Princess,” Princess Diana was most known for her loving and kind nature, as well as her extensive charitable work and generosity towards children.

Kristen Stewart, recognized mostly for her starring role in the “Twilight” film franchise, plays Princess Diana in the newest historical drama, “Spencer.”

“Spencer” was directed by Pablo Larrain, who earned much praise for his directorial work on “Jackie,” a historical drama film centered around the United States’ 35th First Lady Jackie Kennedy, starring Natalie Portman.

The newest film from Larrain portrays Princess Diana’s time in the royal family through a darkened lens, both literally and figuratively, exploring issues she faced with mental health while keeping up with the intense expectations of the Royal Family.

Some Sacred Heart University students expressed heavy interest in the film and excitement to watch it in theatres.

“The trailer in itself is a cinematic masterpiece. I can’t wait to see the full movie. Kristen Stewart’s acting is so incredible that for the first 30 seconds, I didn’t even know it was her. She was the perfect choice for this role,” said junior Hailey Morelli. “Princess Diana was such an icon and such a figurehead in history that it’s really interesting to see a movie that chose a more serious tone than other adaptations.”

Similarly, “The Crown” has placed a lot of emphasis on the story of Princess Diana during the last season aired and the newest season currently being filmed. The Netflix original series tells the story of the Royal Family, starting from the adolescent years of Queen Elizabeth II.

Each season is ten episodes long and features an all-new cast as each member of the family ages and new members are born or married in. Drama surrounding the family, major political events and new romantic relationships are all main plot points of the show.

The up-and-coming actress/model Emma Corrin played the Princess during season four of “The Crown” and received praise with an overwhelmingly positive public consensus regarding her acting and choices with character development.

The costume designer for the season, Amy Roberts, also received positive reviews on her work mimicking the real life decade-appropriate fashion of Princess Diana when she was first joining the Royal Family.

According to IMDb, for the upcoming fifth season of “The Crown,” Elizabeth Debecki will take over the role as Princess Diana during her time as a young mother, up until her tragic death. Many fans of the show have spoken out on social media about leaked photos of the actress while filming, saying she bears an uncanny resemblance to the Princess.

Many Sacred Heart students are fans of the show, and are waiting patiently for the newest season to be released.

“I love watching ‘The Crown’ with my family and can’t wait for the new season. I thought the last season with Princess Diana was the best so far. Her life is so interesting, and they did such a great job capturing her emotions on-screen,” said junior Reagan Daly.

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