“Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” with New Holiday Hits

This holiday season, a number of artists including Cher, Sabrina Carpenter and Pentatonix have released new Christmas albums.

“Every Christmas season, I look to see who comes out with new Christmas music because it’s always so fun to see how they change up the classics or to get new refreshing Christmas music,” said freshman Iliana Delgado. “One of my favorite new Christmas albums this year is Cher’s.”

According to ABC News, Cher’s first holiday album entitled “Christmas,” was released on Oct. 20. It consists of 13 tracks that include nine classic Christmas songs and four original songs. Featured singers that appear on the album are Darlene Love, Stevie Wonder, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Bublé, and Tyga.

“I love the songs that she did with other artists,” said Delgado. “My favorite is ‘Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)’ featuring Darlene Love because I grew up listening to that song with my family.”

At 17 years old, Cher sang background vocals on Love’s original version of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” and now Love sang on Cher’s version, according to ABC News. “I had no intentions of doing a Christmas album,” said Cher in an interview with Billboard. “But [Warner Records] said, ‘Why don’t you do a Christmas album, Cher?’ and I said if I can

do my version I’ll do it, and they were very pleasant.”
Sabrina Carpenter also released original Christmas songs this holiday season. She

released her six track EP entitled “Fruitcake” on Nov. 17. According to Rolling Stone, the first track, “A Nonsense Christmas,” is a holiday play on her song called “Nonsense” from her album, “Emails I can’t send.”

Senior Luisa Fischioni, a fan of Carpenter, said, “Ever since she released ‘A Nonsense Christmas’ as a single, I was so excited for her Christmas EP.”

“I am a picky Christmas music listener,” said junior Jenna Wolfe, a new Carpenter listener. “Sabrina Carpenter’s Christmas EP is understated and beautiful so I can put it on casually without needing a specific Christmas activity. It’s just good music. I should listen to her stuff more often.”

Carpenter will perform songs from her EP at the iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball, according to Rolling Stone.

“I can’t wait to hear Sabrina’s Christmas songs live and all other Christmas songs from other artists,” said Fischioni, who plans on attending the event. “It’s going to be a fun night filled with both new and old Christmas music.”

In the creation and development of new modern holiday songs, some people prefer the traditional Christmas tunes.

“I tend to gravitate towards older Christmas music because they foster a sense of tradition and nostalgia that makes them timeless,” said Wolfe.

Some Christmas albums from artists like Pentatonix have modern songs that fans think still give a traditional feel to them.

According to Billboard, Pentatonix had 92 recordings in the top 10,000 holiday tracks from Nov. 4 to Dec. 22, 2022.

“Every year, I look forward to listening to Pentatonix’s new Christmas album,” said Wolfe. “I like Pentatonix because they sing classic Christmas songs, but reimagined.”

Pentatonix’s album called, “The Greatest Christmas Hits,” dropped on Oct. 20. There are 31 songs, 23 Pentatonix holiday classics and eight brand new songs.

“It’s hard to beat the old classics,” said Wolfe. “There hasn’t been a new Christmas song made that stands the test of time like they do, but getting new Christmas music is something I still look forward to.”

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