The Emmy Awards

Broadcasted on ABC, the 73rd annual Emmy Award show was on Sept. 19. The show honored and awarded many actors and creators who were outstanding in the production of a television show.

According to the Emmys, “The Emmy Awards recognize excellence within various areas of television and emerging media.”

Some actors showcased during the award ceremony were Kerry Washington, Tracee Ellis Ross and Kaley Cuoco.

The stars came dressed in lavish gowns and had their pictures taken on the red carpet before the awards began. Thousands of people tuned in to see the outfits these stars chose to wear and what designer dressed them.

Some stars exercised “method dressing,” a way of dressing done by an actor to reflect the character played in a movie or show. For example, Anya Taylor-Joy came dressed in a 1960s-inspired gown, a modernized version of the 1960s garments she wore when playing Beth Harmon in “The Queen’s Gambit.”

“Watching the red carpet at the Emmys is my favorite because I love seeing the outfits that the actors come out in,” said sophomore Bianca Castaldo.

Some of the categories presented at The Emmys were Outstanding Limited Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

According to CBS News, “Jean Smart received the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on HBO’s ‘Hacks.’ Kate Winslet, who worked alongside Smart in ‘Mare of Easttown,’ another HBO production, was given the award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series, Anthology Series or Movie.”

“The Emmy Awards have always been important to my mom and me,” said sophomore Ashley Lyons. “Being the only daughter in my family, my mom and I always sit together for every award show and watch it together; it’s become a tradition to us.”

According to CBS News, Netflix brought home the most Emmy Awards at this year’s ceremony, totaling 44 awards from all the categories combined. “The Crown” and “The Queen’s Gambit” each brought home 11 awards this year.

“‘The Crown’ is a show that I started to binge-watch during quarantine,” said sophomore Marissa Poska. “I first found out about it because of the Emmy Awards. When they were nominated in 2020, I became interested in the show and wanted to know more about it.”

Although the Emmys typically have a large audience, the award show has been slowly losing viewers each year. The Emmys were made virtual for the 72nd award show in 2020 due to Covid-19, causing a massive loss in viewers. That loss carried over to the most recent show this year.

According to Entertainment Weekly, “At this point in human history, it is a well-documented fact that most Americans are not interested in watching awards shows. Ratings for the Emmys and the Oscars continue to plummet to new lows every year.”

Despite the low viewership, the Emmys will continue to showcase the talented actors, producers, directors and creatives next year during a new award ceremony.

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