SHU SLAM: Urban Arts Showcase

By Justin Lowe

Staff Reporter

On Thursday, April 19 in the University Commons Auditorium, Sacred Heart University’s Dance Program will be presenting their latest event, SHU SLAM: Urban Arts Showcase.

According to the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts’ website, the SHU SLAM event was created to honor and enhance the diversity experience within the Dance Program, as well as to foster a sense of community with other Sacred Heart student artists, musicians, poets and more.

“[We] wanted to create an atmospheric event where people can showcase their talents,” said Director of Dance Kari Williams. “But not like a talent show.”

SHU SLAM is a showcase of a variety of methods and styles of dance.

Some of the music styles include afrobeats, which is a combination of West African musical styles and American funk and jazz influences, soca music, which originated from the kaiso and calypso styles, reggae, and many more.

The event will not only feature various dance styles by different groups in Dance Program, but also singers, rappers and spoken word artists. Performers from Bridgeport University, Fairfield University and Southern Connecticut State University were also invited to perform at the event.

Most of the Dance Program’s performances are located in the Edgerton Center for the Performing Arts. SHU SLAM is set in the University Commons Auditorium so that the dancers and other performers can interact with audience members. There may also even be a chance that the emcee will call up people for a dance battle.

Those who put the event together want to make a fun, comfortable environment where everyone can not only come together and celebrate the urban arts, but also learn about different cultures and ethnicities.

When the event is over, there will be an after party for dancers, performers and audience members to mingle and keep the celebration going.

Tickets for SHU SLAM are $10 for general admission, which includes the after party. The event is free for Sacred Heart students, with a $5 admission fee for the after party.

“It’s raw, unfiltered, real deal fun” said Co-Coordinator of SHU SLAM, senior Shantel Morris. “You should have an open mind because there’s going to be so many different things being thrown at you.”

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