The “New Bruce” is Back

The Bruce Museum in Greenwich, Conn. reopened its doors on April 2, showing off its $60 million renovation. The museum is a world-class, community-based art and science institution that features hundreds of modern and classic pieces through fully curated exhibits.

“I love going to different museums and the various exhibits that each offer. I am excited to visit the Bruce Museum in the future,” said freshman Isabella Defrancesco.

According to its website, the expansion allowed for the museum to add 40,000 square feet to the facility, showcasing brand new exhibits.

The “new Bruce” will feature additions such as the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Education Wing and the William L. Richter Art Wing. On the ground floor, there will be the new Museum Store, Museum Cafe with indoor and outdoor seating, a large auditorium and meeting spaces. This floor will be free to the public during regular museum hours.

The renovation granted the museum space to showcase works from major artists including Picasso, Matisse, Warhol and more. Thanks to a loan from William L. Richter, a prominent Greenwich resident, pieces like Picasso’s “Bouquet of Flowers” and Matisse’s “Self Portrait” are on display until October 15. While many new pieces and displays, characteristics of “the old Bruce” are still there- showing off the history of Connecticut geology and wildlife.

One of the most talked about exhibits is “Penguins! Past and Present.” According to their website, this exhibit will showcase fossils, videos, immersive dioramas, taxidermy and a 3D life-size model that you can take apart and put back together.

It explained that, “This exhibition was chosen as the opening science show for the New Bruce and is curated by Dr. Daniel Ksepka, an internationally recognized expert in penguin evolution who has published groundbreaking research on penguin fossils, feathers, and genomes.”

Some may wonder what penguins have to do with art, but the museum strives to display how art and science intersect. According to their website, the Bruce Museum’s mission is to “promote the understanding and appreciation of art and science to enrich the lives of all people.”

Junior graphic design major Dyoe Hostin said, “The penguin exhibit stood out to me. Seeing the difference between penguins then and now is amazing. How these birds adapt and use their color to camouflage and survive is fascinating to me. This is an example of seeing art and science intersecting.”

Junior Amanda Palma, Co-President of the Art Club at Sacred Heart University said, “Oftentimes in science, creativity is drawn upon. The museum really showcases this intersection in an interesting way. The natural cycles exhibit looks really interesting to me because it shows the cycle of life, while doing it artistically.”

According to their website, The Bruce Museum showed off its first ever exhibit in 1912, featuring works by local artists known as the Greenwich Society of Artists. Since then, the museum has collected nearly 15,000 objects representing the arts and sciences.

If interested in visiting, the Bruce Museum is located at 1 Museum Dr Greenwich, Conn. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is $20 for adults, with discounts for senior citizens, children and students. For more information visit their website,

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