“This Is Us” Returns for its Third Season


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On Sept. 25, NBC’s hit show “This Is Us” returned for its third season.

When the show first aired in Sept. 2016, viewers believed the show had the intention of making the audience cry each episode.

“’This Is Us’ is definitely an emotional show and I cry during most episodes, but I love it!” said junior Annie Moran.

In addition to the moments of sadness, the show also displays numerous moments of joy, happiness, anger, and grief.

“Even though the show is sad most times, there is humor throughout it especially whenever Randall is in a scene,” said junior Allison O’Reilly.

“This Is Us,” was written by television producer and screen writer Dan Fogelman, who also wrote the screenplay for the 2011 film “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

The series deals with the lives of siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall who are referred to as the “Big Three.” These siblings are the kids of Jack and Rebecca Pearson, respectively played by Milo Ventimiglia and Mandy Moore.

Randall, played by Sterling K. Brown, was adopted by the Pearson’s and is portrayed as a miracle child, once the Pearson’s lose one of their triplets during labor.

The show shifts from the various viewpoints of these three siblings lives as they grow as individuals and as a family.

The moments that occur in each of their lives are captured from past to present in many episodes since the pilot.

Sophomore Julia DeMaggio is an avid viewer of “This Is Us,” and enjoys the different elements that make the show unique.

“I do like how the show goes back and forth from past to present. I feel like this helps develop the story line and helps you as the viewer understand each point of view and what their life was like in the past,” said DeMaggio.

Since the show’s first aired episode, “This Is Us” has dealt with heavy situations that viewers can relate to in their own lives.

“The show interested me because of the storyline overall. My friends really encouraged me to watch it. It had so many good reviews once it premiered that I figured why not try it out,” said DeMaggio.

For Junior Cassie Simonides she felt the show made her become even closer with her own family as well.

“Every Tuesday my mom and I will watch it and text each other about what happened. It is a good way to bond with my mom while also showing me how important family truly is.”

“This Is Us” was nominated for numerous Emmy awards including; Best Drama Series, Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series for Brown as well as Ventimiglia. This series won for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for Ron Cephas Jones performance as William Hill.

During the special, “The Paley Center Salutes This Is Us,” that aired on NBC, cast members and producers of the show spoke about what is to come during this upcoming season.

Executive producer, Elizabeth Berger, said, “Our Big three are sort of all embarking on really new life situations. We’re going to see Randall in an exciting professional situation, Kate and Toby continuing—they’re newlyweds, and trying to have a family. Obviously, Kevin is very into figuring out exactly what happened in his dad’s past, so it’s really an exciting time.”

Fans of “This is Us” continue to enjoy the show and the theme that it brings to their television screens.

“The message of this show to me is all about family. Your family may go through ups and downs, but moments like these make us grow a stronger bond. Without these moments we wouldn’t be able to grow as people,” DeMaggio said.

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