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At only 24 years old, actor Tom Holland has accomplished a lot in his career to date. Holland is best known for his role as Peter Parker in the Marvel film “Spider-Man: Homecoming” which released in 2017 and was a huge box office success generating 880.2 million dollars, passing the original Spider-Man that was released in 2002.

According to the Associated Press, “The next few years will be quite busy for the young actor, as he’s slated to star in several big-screen projects.”

Two recent films that Holland fans are raving about are “Chaos Walking,” which was released on March 5, and “Cherry,” released on March 12.

According to the Associated Press, in “Chaos Walking,” Holland plays “Todd Hewitt – a boy from a distant planet of New World who was brought up to believe that a pathogen has killed all women. Able to hear people’s and animal’s minds, he meets a mysterious lady named Viola Eade who becomes his source of silence.”

Additionally, according to the Associated Press, “Holland goes for a darker film in ‘Cherry,’ which is based on Nico Walker’s novel of the same name about an army medic who suffers from PTSD. The actor plays the title character based on the book’s author, whose opioid addiction motivates him to start robbing banks in order to sustain his vice.”

“I thought ‘Cherry’ was a great movie. It used many different plots and settings to show the true character he was playing. I thought the movie was about a young relationship with a man who had struggles. Then he was in the army which is something I did not expect. Some could say it was all over the place, but I really enjoyed it,” said Film Club President, senior Dillion Benison. “However, for ‘Chaos Walking,’ I loved the concept of the movie as it was based on a book, but I thought they didn’t do a good job portraying it. I found it irritating even though I liked the idea.”

Two films to come out soon with Tom Holland are “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” which is set to release on Dec. 17, and “Uncharted,” which is set to release on Feb. 11, 2022.

“I am looking forward to seeing ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home,’” said senior Erin Rondi. “I am excited to see how his storyline progresses in the Marvel movies.”

“I am excited for the movie ‘Uncharted’ because it is based off a classic video game about treasure hunting,” said Benison. “I expect Tom Holland will do really well in that role.”

With the several upcoming films starring Tom Holland this year, fans are thrilled to see him in so many different roles, with many showing their excitement on social media.

According to the Associated Press, “The films vary in genre, allowing him to flex his acting muscles, which also gives his fans more of an opportunity to see different sides of him every time he returns with a new project.”

“It used to never happen. Especially with powerful stars whose agents could affect release dates. They wouldn’t want to cannibalize their audience between two movies. This happening now is probably at least partially due to the COVID-19 delays,” said Artistic Director, Prof. Todd Barnes. “But it may happen more in the future because of the sheer volume of projects actors tend to do now. I’m sure the producers aren’t happy making Tom Holland’s fans decide which new movie they want to see.”

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