“What You See Is What You Get” New Album

BY Will Pesek

Staff Reporter

In 2016, North Carolina native Luke Combs performed songs on the Vine app and in local bars. His first number one hit is called “Hurricane.” “Hurricane” became a country hit and made him country’s biggest rising star at that time.

Combs has had five singles climb to the top of country’s airplay chart. His most recent number one hit, “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” is headlining his brand-new album, “What You See Is What You Get.”

On Nov. 8, Luke Combs released his sophomore album, “What You See Is What You Get.” The album features 17 songs, including four songs that were released in early June, as part of Combs’ EP called “The Prequel—EP.” Combs’ new album came in with high hopes and had much more fanfare than his debut album, “This One’s for You.”

Combs’ second album came just months after he headlined his first arena tour after just one album. His headlining tour featured older hits like “One Number Away,” “Hurricane,” “When It Rains It Pours” and “Beautiful Crazy.”

This album is unique because his songs are very well written and relatable. Combs writes almost all his songs. He writes songs to reach all members of his audience about several topics.

Combs is able to connect with people to the point where almost every single one of his listeners can relate to atleast one song on his album.

There are love songs such as “Lovin’ On You,” “Better Together” and “Nothing Like You.” There is a touching song about a father and son saying goodbye: “Even Though I’m Leaving.” He also relates to the average joe in his working-class song, “Blue Collar Boys.”

Some other songs on the album are “All Over Again,” “Every Little Bit Helps” and “Blue Collar Boys.” “All Over Again” is about Combs and his ex-girlfriend falling in love all over again and both knowing that it will never work. “Every Little Bit Helps” is about Combs trying to forget about his past girlfriend.

Many people like this new style of country that Combs brings with his new album. Other stars like Luke Bryan and Thomas Rhett are more of a country-pop type of genre, while Combs brings back the 90’s country style. It really brings back the true definition of country music. Luke Combs even features a 90’s country duo featured in his song “1, 2 Many” which is about reaching your limits on alcohol.

Brooks & Dunn are featured in the new song while making their country return on their “reboot album.” Also, Brooks & Dunn have Combs featured in their revision of their classic “Brand New Man,” which was originally released by Brooks & Dunn in 1991.

When Combs has his new album headline a tour this coming summer or fall, one can expect the same costume for Combs. He wears the same black Columbia PFG fishing shirt while holding a red solo cup. Quite typical for a country singer!

Luke Combs won song of the year at this year’s Country Music Awards. His song “Beautiful Crazy” beat out three other excellent songs. He also won Male Vocalist of the Year. Quite the resume Combs is putting together after just two albums.

Sophomore Noah Decaminada is a huge Luke Combs fan and had high praise for the new album.

“This album is absolutely incredible. You hear so many different songs that vary from ballads to drinking songs to breakup songs. My favorite song is ‘Even Though I’m Leaving,’” said Decaminada.

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