Art and Social Justice

Photos by senior Jessica Fontaine from a Black Lives Matter protest in Boston, Mass.

Featured image: “Flowers Forced to Bloom” (drawing) by Haley Alvarado

“The American Truth” by Ayasha Cantey

For as long

as I can remember,

I was taught to

Look up to authority

The police are supposed to be heroes.

They come to save you

They protect you

Supposedly they care.

For years,

I have realized

my color is a curse

I’m black

So first,

I am a threat

Then a victim

Just like Khalil

A brush and a gun

he was eighteen,

He was young;

the money he made, had him sprung.

Always called a hustler,

He dealt to all

his customers.

Never once called his name “it was a close aim”

They want us all

to believe,

that he wouldn’t achieve.

Do you know the truth?

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