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Her Campus is an online magazine written by college journalists around the United States. It is dedicated to empowering college women with articles about lifestyle, culture and wellness.

According to the organization’s website, Her Campus describes itself as a community of best friends that keeps up with celebrity news and feminist politics. It focuses on celebrating women without judgment.

“We’re definitely aimed to inspire the female college student,” said senior Daisy Tuquinagui, President of Sacred Heart’s Her Campus chapter. “Writers have the capacity to write about pretty much anything and any of their desires from mental health, beauty and design, politics, cooking or the latest reviews of new upcoming shows. With Her Campus, each writer has their own platform and blog essentially where articles get posted on Her Campus at Sacred Heart’s website for everyone to appreciate.”

Tuquinagui’s role as president is to lead the chapter, make sure articles are submitted on time and plan events.

“Last year, I helped plan this mental health awareness event, which I thought was really important because finally Sacred Heart was focusing on the mental health campaign, really helping students and being there for them,” Tuquinagui said.

Her highest goal this year was gaining membership, having a high retention rate and seeing new faces on the team. She hopes to get as many articles on the site as possible so the chapter’s platform can continue growing.

“We write about fashion, beauty, wellness, but we can also talk about career advice, how to manage your time and even talk about personal stuff, which is really cool,” said senior Ally Peto. “It’s cool and professional, but it’s still relaxed where you can pretty much write about whatever you want.”

Peto has been involved in Her Campus for four years and was secretary of Sacred Heart’s chapter for two years. Her role was to take attendance and notes at meetings, send the notes to the chapter and post them on their social media.

“We can form friendships with people we might not have met outside. In the club we get to do that, and also it’s something that’s really good to put on a resume as it’s a pretty well-known website,” Peto said.

“Sacred Heart’s Her Campus chapter is a small but surely a growing club on campus,” said junior Kathleen Chiodo, the Social Media Manager. “As a chapter we hope to bring women with similar interests (specifically writing/journalism) together and support each other with whatever we are passionate about. We hold several fun events throughout the year as a chapter that bring us together in empowering and stress-free environments.”

As Social Media Manager, Chiodo runs the chapter’s Instagram account. She creates posts, flyers, and makes announcements about new articles that come out weekly. She can also be reached through Instagram if anyone has questions about the club.

Peto believes that Sacred Heart’s chapter of Her Campus is doing right by Audrey Niblo, a SHU student who passed away in 2018 and wrote for the organization.

“She liked to write for both Her Campus and The Spectrum and I definitely think we’re striving to help women like her, because no one wants to feel that way, feel upset or feel bullied,” Peto said.

Chiodo feels similarly. She said, “I personally did not know Audrey Niblo, but I think Her Campus is doing a great job making strides to help empower college women. As I mentioned before, everyone in the chapter is super supportive of each other, and I think that the club helps girls feel a part of something special!”

Tuquinagui said, “I think that we’re definitely keeping in mind that legacy that she wanted to keep. We are open to absolutely anybody on the chapter. I know we are mostly female-targeted, but we really are open to absolutely anybody.”

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