I am Black History

The English Department is proud to announce that the first issue of HeartLines, Sacred Heart’s online Literary Magazine, will be published this semester! Headed by Professor Hulme, the magazine’s faculty advisor and Editors in Chief, Kailey Blount and Jillian Reis, HeartLines hopes to continue Sacred Heart’s literary magazine by creating an online platform for writers and artists to share their talent.

This year, Audrey’s Corner celebrates Black History Month with a strong student voice. Ayasha Cantey, talented poet and English major, shares her poem “I am Black History”, reflecting on her relationship with her identity.

I am Black History

By Ayasha Cantey

As a Black American

I have been conditioned to see

The ugliness in our community

It took me a while to love

These black commodities

Black is Beautiful

From the melanated skin,

That glows in the sun

To the million freckles of

Power that accompany your face

Black is Beautiful

From the width of hips

To the depths of a soul

Those thick luscious lips

Black is Beautiful

From the diversity in our community

To the familyhood in our heart

Black is Beautiful

Black is Brave

Black is Smart

Black is History

I am Black History

Audrey’s Corner was established by Spectrum to honor staff writer Audrey Niblo, a junior, who passed away from an illness in 2018. Audrey knew that students can experience many kinds of struggles and that everyone can aim to practice positivity and kindness and be supported. Each year, an award is given to current students from the Spectrum Audrey’s Fund to recognize contributions to Audrey’s Corner in writing and the visual arts. If you’d like to make a donation, please use the following link: https://www.sacredheart.edu/offices–departments-directory/university-advancement/scholarships–special-funds/the-spectrum-audrey-niblo-award-for-excellence-in-reporting-and-writing/

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