Student Author’s Book About Mental Health and Recovery

This week, Sacred Heart is spreading awareness about eating disorders. Art is a powerful tool used in the recovery process of all traumas. Below is poetry from Sacred Heart student Kathryn Teneyck’s book “Too Much” in which she writes about mental health and recovery.  

Glass Heart

By Kathryn Teneyck 

in place of her heart

there was simply a sun 

with brilliant golden light 

that seeped out her ribcage and onto the world 

but behind the sun 

there lived a stoic glass heart 

blood pulsed through the iron veins 

of her glass heart 

it’s funny. 

how something so strong can run through something 

so fragile 

the glass was filled with standing water 

you could see straight through the glass 

to thick vines of iron veins 

the glass was covered in hairline fractures 

so delicate that from a far they were undetectable 

but if you looked up closely 

you could see that the glass has spider webbed 

and the water was leaking out 

just mere drops at a time 

Loss of Control 

By Kathryn Teneyck 

she needs to feel

in control 

of everything, of something, 

of anything. 

needs to feel like she gets 

a choice

that she can right all the wrongs 

and not only right them 

but that she can right all the wrongs 

right now. 

Her brain is screaming “let go” 

and she knows she should. 

but she keeps desperately grasping 

to the control she never had 

and her OCD keeps preying 

on her never-ending cycle of 

out of control  


Teneyk’s book “Too Much” can be ordered on Amazon. 

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