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Welcome to the fall 2021 semester—and to Audrey’s Corner! We’re now in our fourth year of bringing hope, kindness and challenging topics to the community through the power of words.

Our little corner of The Spectrum is a bit different from the rest—and we hope you’ll stick around to read about us and to enjoy the submissions our talented writers, artists, and photographers have to offer.

Audrey’s Corner was created in honor of Audrey Niblo, a student who passed away suddenly from a heart condition in May 2018. Audrey was a beloved staff writer for The Spectrum, as well as a sister of Theta Phi Alpha at Sacred Heart University. She was also an advocate for bully victims and spoke about her experiences of being bullied as a child. Audrey’s involvement and passions allowed her to reach many members of the Sacred Heart community, and each person she met was touched by her kindness, positivity and resilience.

The goal of Audrey’s Corner is to emulate the beliefs of Audrey herself and to support all members of the Sacred Heart—and wider—community. From topics like comfort food, mental health and bullying, we strive to create a page that gives you a sense of Audrey’s personality and what was important to her, even if you never had the opportunity to meet her. As always, we will continue to promote kindness and self-care, and we will continue to remember Audrey through a variety of pieces, including articles, interviews, graphic designs, photographs and creative works.

To further honor Audrey’s legacy, we have established the Audrey Niblo Award for Excellence in Reporting and Writing (or simply the Audrey Award). This is a monetary award for undergraduate students who significantly contribute to Audrey’s Corner throughout the year. An application will be sent out to all undergraduates in an email, and you can sign up there. Or, if you’d like to contribute before the applications are reviewed, you can email Jill Amari, Manager of Audrey’s Corner, at amarij@mail.sacredheart.edu.

We also welcome participation from graduate students, professors, faculty, staff, and even parents of students. If you’d like to contribute but are not eligible to apply for the Audrey Award, please email Jill expressing your interest, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

To read more about Audrey’s Corner or view past submissions, please visit our page on The Spectrum website: https://www.shuspectrum.com/archives/category/audreys-corn/.

We hope you’ll enjoy all that Audrey’s Corner has to offer this semester as we use our voices to create an open and welcoming page. Thank you for supporting our writers, artists, and photographers as we all strive to honor Audrey.

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