Fight Like a Girl

Being a woman is:
Leaving the outside light on when your roommate is getting home late.
Buying your friend a coffee just cause.
Getting dressed up and doing each other’s makeup.
Borrowing each other’s clothes.
Crying together when you go through a breakup or hardship. Having your mother as a role model and person to teach you to aim higher.
It is also:
Refusing to give up your seat and doing what’s right like Rosa Parks.
Fighting for women’s rights like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Exploring new fields like Marie Curie with radioactivity.
Founding organizations like Clara Barton with the Red Cross. Breaking barriers like when Sally Ride was the first American woman in space.
Showing strength in male-dominated fields like politics like Eleanor Roosevelt.
Being a woman is all of these things and more. This is not nearly all they are, I’m sure.
Women should be celebrated and revered, especially those who made history, those who pioneered.
Fight like a girl, and you can change the world.

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