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Sacred Heart students are not limited to choosing dining hall food, if they know where to look. Many students have their own favorite off campus dining options that range from breakfast to dinner to dessert.

Beginning with breakfast, bagels and coffee proved to be a go-to staple for students.

“I love JBC more than anything. I always order egg, sausage, hash brown, and hot sauce on an everything bagel,” said senior Danny Martoccia. “It is my favorite Saturday morning tradition.”

With JBC in Trumbull and Small Medium Large in Fairfield, there are multiple breakfast options in the area for students to conveniently find. Many students also raved about Bagel King, which has locations in Bridgeport and Fairfield.

“I love to go to Small Medium Large coffee in Fairfield,” said senior Meghan Haggerty. “My favorite coffee is the Yankee Doodle. They also have fresh bagels and pastries brought in every morning from a bakery in NYC.”

Lunch and dinner in the area range from comfort American food to local Italian spots.

“When it comes to local pizza Colony Grill in Fairfield and Goodfellas in Bridgeport are my favorites,” said senior Kathleen Chiodo. “I love a classic cheese and pepperoni pizza from there but they have lots of options.”

Chiodo also described how much she loved Romanacci in Trumbull for great Italian food. She often switches between the Piccante pizza and Penne Vodka.

Kayla Goncalves described a more underground spot in Monroe for comfort food.

“My favorite off campus restaurant is MacDaddy’s Macaroni and Cheese Bar in Monroe,” said Goncalves. “The whole restaurant is specialty mac and cheese. My favorite mac and cheese to get there is their penne vodka.”

Goncalves mentioned that ever since her friend brought her to MacDaddy’s last year, she goes consistently. The spot is just close enough from campus that students can order through DoorDash and get food delivered.

Haggerty’s favorite dessert spot is Main Street Creamery on Main Street in Bridgeport. Her favorite order is a chocolate mix-in flurry with crushed Oreos and cookie dough chunks.

“I love that I can get a 10 % student discount by showing my SHU ID,” said Haggerty. “I also love that it’s open all year and stays open late.”

SHU students will always have a wide selection of options with surrounding restaurants in Fairfield, Trumbull, Bridgeport, and Monroe.

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