How to Grow Your Very Own Dorm Room Garden

Although the cold weather continues to drag on, the spring season is right around the corner. Growing your very own indoor garden is the perfect way to brighten your dorm rooms aesthetic. Plants are proven to reduce stress and mental fatigue, filtering pollutants out of the air. Studies also show that flora can improve productivity, creativity, and relaxation.

Soil, sunlight, and water are the big three of horticulture. Soil quality is paramount, as it provides the vital nutrients required for plant growth. It is important to be aware of your plant’s sunlight demands. Some plants flourish in direct sunlight, while others grow better when placed in the shade. A healthy supply of water is essential for your plant’s survival, but overwatering can lead to root rot or leaf scorch. Understanding your plant’s unique needs is the best way to find the right balance and create a beautiful garden.

These Plants are Perfect for Your Dorm Room!


An interior garden mainstay, these low-maintenance plants are perfect for beginner gardeners looking to add some flair to their room décor. Succulents need very little water to survive, but if the leaves and stems start to wrinkle and dry, that is a sign the plant is dehydrated. Because succulents naturally grow in hot climates with plenty of sunlight, they tend to necessitate an abundance of ultraviolet rays. Popular indoor succulents include Agave, Haworthia, Opuntia, and Cactus.

Aloe Vera

Although technically a succulent, aloe warrants its own entry. It purifies the air of formaldehyde and benzene – two hazardous chemicals found in household cleaning products. Aloe has been used medicinally for thousands of years, treating skin irritations and sun burns as far back as ancient Egyptian civilizations. This remedial plant can live indoors for up to 12 years, flourishing under abundant sunlight and little water or fertilizer.


Also known as the snake plant, sansevieria is the best desk plant for your college dorm room. They are able to tolerate a range of environments, thriving in both direct sunlight and the shade. Take proper precautions if you own pets. Snake plants contain saponins, which are toxic to cats and dogs.

Hanging Plants

Perfect for a windowsill or above a desk, hanging plants are an increasingly popular addition for indoor gardens. English Ivy, Pothos, and Philondren are some of the best options for brightening up your dorm room. They require thorough watering, liquid fertilizer, and frequent trimming.

Edible Plants

Beautiful to look at and handy to have nearby, there are a wide variety of small, edible plants that can be grown in your very own dorm room. Lavender, Mint, Microgreens, Basil, and Rosemary are all easy to maintain, beautiful to look at, and the perfect compliments for your favorite meal!

Local plant nurseries include Oliver Nurseries in Fairfield, Terrain in Westport, and Treeland Garden Center in Bridgeport. Happy Gardening!

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