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There are over 80 clubs for students to join at Sacred Heart University, the art club being one of them. 

The art club is not just for artists and is open for all students no matter their field of study. 

“On the executive board, we have members that have a wide variety of interests and measures, such as myself as an exercise science major, but that has not prevented anyone from being an active participant in meetings,” said senior and co-president of the club Molly McCormick. 

The club consists of all different levels of people who love art. The purpose of the club was to create a stress-free environment, freely working on anything you choose. 

“The meetings are more free-flowing, and members are allowed to work on either that day’s activity or their own work,” said McCormick. “Art club serves as an outlet to enjoy it for what it is with no expectations of what someone should have to create.” 

The art club hosts different events including where members have painted tote bags, decorated ornaments, made clay figures and more. The club also creates seasonal crafts.  

“So far this semester we have had a paint night where we worked on canvases, and we also have created air dry pottery,” said McCormick. “One meeting in October we also decorated pumpkins.” 

“My favorite activity we did was an embroidery night, everyone got their frame, pattern, and thread,” said Isabella Defrancesco, a member of Shu’s Art club.

Sacred hearts art club is a place for students to express their creativity through art, but also use art to make a difference in people’s lives around them. The club is a wonderful way to escape from schoolwork for a bit. 

“Last year we did one activity where we had to create a drawing to put in a coloring book to donate to a local retirement home. My favorite part of being in the art club is the welcoming energy and how it is an excuse for me to relax at the end of the day,” said Defrancesco. 

To learn more about the art club follow them on Instagram at shuartclub2024 or stop by a meeting in the main academic building on Tuesdays every other week. 

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