Alpha Christian Community

By Gabriella Nutile

Features & Co-Copy Editor

The Alpha Christian Community is a non-denominational student led Christian community group that is open to all Sacred Heart students. The community facilitates spiritual connections with others and brings the Sacred Heart student body together in faith.

Alpha was started by a previous Sacred Heart student. The group still carries on and works closely with Campus Ministry. Members meet every Friday night at 6 p.m. in room 107 in the University Commons to read the Bible and openly discuss their faith with one another, reflecting on their own lives as well.

“Alpha was created for this exact purpose to branch out into various ministries, mentorships, and bible studies that bring awareness about our spirituality and strives to facilitate a deeper connection within our Christian faith,” said Vice President Justin Lee.

Another important aspect of Alpha is mentorship.

“Mentorship amongst Alpha members is very common and is a goal of the community. Mentorship helps me to keep myself in check, committed, and connected with my faith and spiritual growth, while also allowing me to find spiritual direction in my own walk with the Lord,” said Lee.

The group also holds events, such as the one they recently held on Sept. 30, called A Night of Worship. This was their first time hosting the event, and it was held at Sacred Heart’s Chapel of the Holy Spirit. Rob Guinta, a collegiate pastor at Black Rock Church in Fairfield, came and led a spiritually filling night of worship, hitting on points such as identity.

“I thought the event was great. It was nice to hear from our guest speaker, Rob Guinta, who is from the area. It was just another reminder on just how awesome it is to see how faith can bring people together,” said senior Megan Charleston, President of Alpha Christian Community.

Charleston said how she and the members want to keep growing and building, whether that entails being more active on campus or even bringing more members into their community.

“I would love to see Alpha grow. I have built many close friendships in Alpha that have encouraged me and helped me to grow in all aspects of my life, and I would love to have others experience that,” said Charleston.

While the group is not an official Sacred Heart club yet, they are on their way to becoming one. They submitted their application at the end of last semester, and it is currently in the midst of being reviewed so that they can gain the official club status, hoping it will open up more opportunities for them.

One member remarks on why he joined the community.

“Back home I was a part of my church’s youth group, and my parents and I agreed that we wanted me to continue being a part of something similar to that when I went away to college,” said sophomore Mateo Soto. “I then found out about Alpha and joined because I wanted to move forward with my faith, not backwards.”

Both Charleston and Lee encourage those who are curious about faith to come to one of their weekly meetings, describing their group as a very welcoming one.

“I think what’s great about Alpha is that it gives you the opportunity to ask questions and grow in your faith alongside other students. I know for me, faith and religion can often be more of a private thing, but it’s so much greater when you get to share, grow, and learn from others, and Alpha is the place to do just that,” said Charleston.

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