Calling all Film Buffs

At 7 p.m. every other Wednesday, students meet over Zoom to discuss movies, analyze plots and write screenplays. Sacred Heart University’s Film Club is a place for students to collaborate with each other and develop friendships with people who have similar interests in film.

“The Film Club watches movies, short films, documentaries and videos together so that we can come together and discuss certain aspects of what we watched, such as the acting, storyline, editing of the movie, symbolism and outfits,” said Film Club President Dillon Benison.

Covering all types of film and movie making, the club caters toward many different interests.

“The Film Club is evolving, like the entire entertainment industry. There are no limits on what the club can do,” said Club Advisor Todd Barnes.

Sacred Heart’s website states, “Here at the Film Club, we strive to open the minds of students at Sacred Heart University through a variety of films. We also plan to create short films. If you’re a movie lover or a lover of creating films, we welcome you.”

Last fall, the Film Club’s Executive Board chose to cease the club’s meetings.

“That only left us with only a short window of time to reconstitute the executive committee with a whole new group of people before losing the club,” said Barnes.

According to Sacred Heart’s Clubs and Organizations Resource Guide, a club must fulfill certain requirements throughout the year, including meeting at least bi-weekly. If a club fails to meet all requirements, the club will go inactive.

“Dillon and some of his friends were able to step up and save the club,” said Barnes.

 The club has since made efforts to gain members and get a larger turnout at their meetings.

“The students this year have been talking about branching out and bringing in guest speakers or even shooting their own film,” said Barnes.

Due to COVID-19, there are no plans yet to allow clubs to meet in person for the remainder of the semester.

 “Hopefully soon we will be about to get back into the screening rooms,” said Barnes.

“The club is open for anyone to join at any time. All they have to do is email me and I am happy to send them the information to join the meeting,” said Benison. “It is a niche group of people that all have similar interests in film. It also allows the members to see new cultures and movies they have never seen or heard of, and that allows them to look at film and life in new ways.”

If you are interested in joining the Film Club, contact Dillon Benison at

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