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Written by: Katelyn Norkowski
Staff Reporter

According to its website, Her Campus has about 12,000 contributors and is published nationwide. It offers topics such as style, beauty, health and love. This content is offered locally from more than 370 campus chapters around the nation and in 11 countries.

“We are a national magazine written totally by college women. “I like to compare Her Campus to a college version of your favorite fashion magazine, such as Elle, Marie Claire, or Teen Vogue,” said junior nursing major and editor-in-chief of Her Campus Nina Lauria.

“Her Campus offers an email newsletter, The Influence, Her Collective, Her Conference, College Fashion Week, High School Ambassador Program, Her Campus Shop, The Her Campus Guide to College Life, and even more products, programming, tools, and events to fulfill its mission of serving college women across every platform,” according to

“Being a part of Her Campus is like being a part of a small community with a bigger purpose. Writing articles for our chapter is so much fun but it makes it so much more fulfilling when other members at other chapters read and share them,” said senior history major Brooke McCarthy.

Her Campus also provides college marketing services to brands looking to reach the college market.

“In addition to writing articles, we also get sponsored by several brands, Garnier, Buxom Cosmetics, and Loreal, to name a few. It’s our job then to market the products they send us on campus by running several table times throughout the year,” said Lauria.

“At Sacred Heart, I think Her Campus helps women feel more connected to one another and gives them a voice on campus,” said  Dr. Pamela Buck, associate professor in the department of communications and advisor of Her Campus.

“It offers a unique opportunity for them to share and learn about issues that are important to them,” said Buck.

“We have a no judgement policy at Her Campus, and I encourage girls to write about whatever they feel is important to them, whether it be interviewing someone about a current event or writing about a personal struggle or triumph,” said Lauria.

For example, recently, an article was written about “How to Support your Friends Living with Eating Disorders During the Holidays.” There was also a topic about Thanksgiving titled, “You Can Now Have the Ultimate Taco Bell-Themed Friendsgiving—So Who’s Ready to Eat?”

“They can even write about something as simple as fall fashion trends, or healthy eating habits. The sky is the limit and any topic is highly accepted,” said Lauria.

“I love Her Campus because it is such a girl empowering group that was well needed on campus. It is lovely to be able to write your thoughts freely and be surrounded by support of other powerful girls,” said senior journalism major Gabby Fezza.

“Her Campus was founded by three students while they were undergraduates at Harvard—Stephanie Kaplan Lewis ’10, Windsor Hanger Western ’10, and Annie Wang ’11,” according to

“Through their work on this student publication, they saw the potential for something even bigger and better, and spent spring of 2009 developing the business plan for Her Campus. Since then, they have been building Her Campus into what it is today,” according to

“Her Campus serves as a career launching point for its team of college journalists,” according to

“The Club has grown so much within the last couple of years; we revamped the club during the Fall of 2016 all thanks to former President Laura Lampert (’18),” said Lauria.

“This year alone, we have gained over 20 girls who are interested, and currently have a club size of about 30. We only hope to get bigger from here,” said Lauria.

“This club not only offers so many opportunities and experience in the journalism/ blogging field, but also allows the most beautiful friendships to form,” said Lauria. “These girls have accepted me for who I am, and I don’t know what I would do without them, they make me so proud each and every week.”


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