Tell Us Your Story: Father Bruce Roby

Father Bruce getting to know students around campus. Photo by Caroline Fallon/Spectrum.
Father Bruce getting to know students around campus. Photo by Caroline Fallon/Spectrum.


By Atene DiLuca

Staff Reporter

Father Bruce Roby continues to impact the lives of Sacred Heart University as the priest.

“He has a wonderful desire to connect with and nourish the students about their faith life, giving them food for the journey both in word and in sacrament. We are honored to have him here at the university,” said Executive Director of Pastoral Services, Lawrence Carroll.

Roby knew as a young boy that he wanted to serve God’s people, claiming he always felt a calling to the seminary.

“As a child, I felt it was part of my duty to go to church with my family. I felt God was with me and he was my strength. I felt his present in me all the time. That is when I felt inner peace with myself and I knew that God was calling me to the priesthood,” said Roby.

Prior to Roby’s start at Sacred Heart, he worked as an Associate Pastor at St. James Roman Catholic Church for seven years in Stratford, Conn. Roby remained close ties with the parishioners of St. James and still visits the church frequently.

“I spent seven years as a priest there, I loved the community and serving them,” said Roby. “It was a very friendly family oriented parish. We supported and looked out for each other as sisters and brothers.”

In his spare time, he also loved working with his church’s youth group who always make him smile.

“It makes me so happy to see the little kids I once knew grow up. It’s just a lovely ministry. I love seeing the kids get confirmed and move on to college,” said Roby.

During his time in Stratford, he was chosen as chaplain to the fire department and still continues to visit them as well.

“It was an honor when the Stratford Fire Department asked me to be their Chaplain. Among the few clergy in town, I was happy to be the chosen one. At first I felt nervous because it was my first time to be a chaplain, but now we have become family,” said Roby.

Roby now oversees mass at the Chapel of the Holy Spirit on campus. He admitted that he sees life from a different perspective ever since he came to Sacred Heart, and adores being a part of this new campus where he feels accepted into the community.

“I love every moment of my time here at Sacred Heart. I love helping the community. I have made so many friends and I am enjoying meeting students, staff, and faculties,” said Roby.

For Roby, seeing students and faculty run around campus is a new kind of adventure for him.

However, he has been quickly adjusting to his new home and its daily habits.

“I enjoy being around on campus and being available to everybody. I enjoy being involved in all the past events like graduations, games, parties, meetings, home coming, open houses, etc. I love talking to students just the way they are. I can simply relate to them at their level,” said Roby.

The students of Sacred Heart treat him like a member of their family as well, and they adore his humorous personality.

“I love Father Bruce Roby. He is very funny and relates to the student community very well. He is an absolute treasure to the Sacred Heart community,” said junior Kelly Shannon.

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