Club Spotlight: WHRT Radio

By Christina DiMauro

Features Editor

WHRT, Sacred Heart’s student-run radio station, is under new management and has recently redesigned their logo, as well as the way in which they operate the club.

The radio broadcasts 24/7, and allows for students to have their own weekly shows on topics of their choice.

“Radio is still a vital and useful medium. We offer a professional experience right inside our office-suite where students can learn technology and methods alongside graduates and professionals,” said Professor Greg Golda, faculty advisor for WHRT.

The station is located on the second floor of the Frank and Marisa Martire Business and Communications Center.

The studio specifically designed for WHRT consists of two studio settings which are equipped for the standards of radio shows.

Each studio has sound boards, microphones, and radio software used to broadcast live or to record shows.

The radio station also gives students the opportunity to voice their own opinions and creative proccesses through a an outlook such as radio.

“We want students to help the DJ and to be able to express themselves through the music they like,” said senior Nina Miglio, General Manager of WHRT.

The members involved have the opportunity to hold talk shows, sports shows, entertainment or news shows. Some can present their own musical content.

“They can talk about whatever they want, just no degrading material or explicit songs,” said Miglio.

Members of WHRT are allowed to make their own decisions for their shows, including creating the name of their shows such as “DJ Wood In the Morning” and “SHUting From The Hip.”

“Our goal is to get students involved and be as active as possible. Before every new show, all the E-board members show our broadcasters how to use the equipment, so that there is no confusion,” said senior Faith Leahy, the Promotional Manager for WHRT.

Aside from doing live radio, WHRT has also gotten involved with live events on campus.

“WHRT members have helped us get involved with SET, Student Activities, and Student Union,” said Leahy.

Recently, WHRT has had the opportunity to DJ at live events on campus, performing at the Just SHU It Fair and Fall Fest.

“We are going to be at Red’s for their Halloween event, and are looking to do more events on campus throughout the year,” said Miglio.

The station is also teaming up with WSHU, the National Public Radio (NPR) station based on Sacred Heart’s campus.

“We’re starting a partnership with WSHU, so students can essentially intern with a professional NPR affiliate without having to travel at all,” said Golda.

If any students are interested in getting involved with WHRT, they are encouraged to email Nina Miglio at or Professor Golda at

WHRT can be accessed live online at or

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