Freshman Got Talent

By Desha Bent

Staff Reporter

Freshman Got Talent.” The event took place in the University Commons, where much of the student body, like Riley Finnigan and Emma Connolly, came to cheer on their fellow performing classmen.

“I’m very excited about tonight’s event,” said Finnigan.

“There’s probably going to be a lot of dancing, singing, and some random funny things,” said Connolly.

The performances included musical numbers such as dance, piano, and singing. Dancers included Fiona McCabe, Ryan Solorzano, Alicia Brily. Piano was brought to the stage by Connor Denny, Margaret Derafelle, and Julianna Bonanno who together performed a singing and dance act. 

The contest included trophies for the participants, prizes for the first and second place winners, and a raffle gift that everyone could get involved with. The host, and class of 2022 Student Government President, Olivia Chaponis, presented the performers their trophies and the first and second place winners their prizes.

“The first-place prize was Air Pods and the second-place prize was a gift card to the bookstore with some SHU swag. The raffle winner won a $50 Cheesecake Factory gift card,” said Chaponis.

First place went to freshman Fiona McCabe, who performed a dance number for the judges. Second place went to another dancer, freshman Ryan Soloranzo

“I had practiced a lot, but I never thought I would get first place. So, it’s very exciting,” said McCabe

Just for fun, the hosts even decided to have a guest performance by freshmen Grace Hanrahan and Francis “Connor” Rossi, specifically a musical note called “Breaking Free” from the teen Disney movie “High School Musical.”

The judges, Katherine “Katie” Morovich, Coordinator of Student Life Program, professor Andrew Lazowski, and Sarah Kosha, Student Government President and Class of 2019 President, were very impressed by the acts.

“All the performers were really great this year. They had so much talent, and it was really great to see them show their talent to the class,” said Kosha.

However, Chaponis couldn’t pick favorites and gave a lot of respect to one of the singers at the event.

“I loved all of them. I’m a dancer at heart, so I loved all the dancing even more. But I have so much respect for the singers. Although, I could not hold a tune,” said Chaponis.

“Freshman Got Talent” has been a reoccurring event for almost four years. This year the freshmen really showed their school spirit and support by cheering on their fellow classmates.

“The event was put together this year by the Student Government class of 2022,” said Morovich.

The positive feedback from the event calls for more in the future. Students were jumping out their seats, applauding and screaming at each act.

“The turnout was amazing. It was great to see so many people show up to support their fellow freshmen showcase their talents. There has been a lot of positive feedback from the event and I really look forward to future events like these,” said Chaponis.

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