Greek Life: A Forever Family- An Audrey Niblo Award Article

By Victoria Mescall


Being part of a Greek brotherhood or sisterhood is special. Greek life finds you when you don’t know you’re lost, heals you when you don’t know you’re hurt, is bigger than you when you’re content being small, and loves you when you don’t know you need it.

Greek letters represent so much more than a club or a group of people who get together on the weekends. No matter in what negative light popular media paints fraternity and sororities, brotherhood and sisterhoods mean so much more than that to their members.

“Brotherhood is knowing an unbreakable bond between people who have mutual support and loyalty and respect for one another,” said JT Such, a freshman brother of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity. “Our Greek life here at Sacred Heart helps build relationships and personal character.”

When I joined my sisterhood, Alpha Delta Pi, I found my 2 a.m. phone calls. They are the people I reach out to in the dead of night when I find out good news, like when my cousin found out she was expecting a baby. And my sisters are the people I call when I desperately need someone to pick up the phone – when someone you love is hurt or sick, and you need someone to be there to tell you it is going to be okay.

In my sisterhood I found the people who I have supported through their endeavors. When sisters get recruited for other athletic programs and transfer schools, you learn the rules of their sport so you can go support her up in the stands.

When a sister gets a full ride to law school, or another gets engaged to the love of her life, sisterhood is about being there for each other no matter the circumstance. This includes times of triumph and tragedy.

“Sisterhood and Greek life means to me the genuine acceptance of individuality,” said Jordan Frederick, president of Theta Phi Alpha. “Our sister Audrey really was the purest form of that ideology. She loved and accepted everyone – faults and all.”

Sisterhood is a place where one can be comfortable in times when they are dressed up to go out, and tiems when they are in their PJs or sweatpants and no makeup. Brothers and sisters are people who live for each other.

“With every ounce of her being, Audrey truly inspired Theta Phi Alpha to embrace that message with open arms. Theta Phi Alpha focuses on its individuals, accepts them for who they are, and inspires them to be even greater versions of themselevs. I got to see Audrey do exactly that, she joined us with a kind heart and truly grew wings and flew. She is always and forever a true Theta Phi Alpha woman,” said Frederick.

Greek life is the place where you can come and not be judged for what you look like, who you love, or where you come from. Sacred Heart’s Greek community is a place of unconditional love and loyal and lasting sisterhood and brotherhood. It is a place I am lucky to call home.

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