The Secret to Senior Pub Night

BY Anthony DiGennaro

Staff Reporter

Senior Pub Nights are special events, only open to seniors who are 21 and over.

Students meet up to share a momentous occasion of drinks and laughs as they approach the end of their college years.

Senior Shannon Fleming, the Red’s Chair for Student Government, runs the event with her members.

“Once a month in Red’s, seniors get a night to themselves, which makes it nice for everyone to be together and celebrate,” said Fleming. “It gives us a chance to look forward to the future and reflect on the past. It’s also a big countdown to graduation, which makes it a really nice tradition that Sacred Heart has.”

Fleming said she aims to continue this tradition through her work in Student Government.

“We bring to the table some ideas for different themes for Senior Pub Night. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but we order food and have giveaways and contests. We also make a banner for every event and make sure everything is organized and ready for each event,” said Fleming. “My position is fun and easy going and it runs itself once everyone gets there. Getting people there is the bigger part of the job.”

Setting up and marketing the event is the most challenging part, Fleming says, because everybody usually has a great time once they are there.

“For each event, there is a 200-220-person capacity and we have been capping out at these events with full houses at each one. There are always crazy long lines with each event usually starting around 9 o’clock. People usually start waiting in line at around 6 o’clock, with the events closing at around 11:30-12 o’clock. The whole purpose of Senior Pub Night is getting people together. The money that is charged, which is a cover fee, covers the cost of the food and the giveaways that we do, along with other contests and banner production. The rest of the money goes back into our funds and anything extra is given to other people when or if it is needed.”

While incentivizing isn’t something Fleming said she likes, she knows it’s only beneficial for the event.

“I don’t like incentivizing because it should be something that everyone wants to come to. However, it brings enthusiasm to the crowd by having different contests, giveaways, etc. Sometimes, on Instagram, we have a contest to gain more followers and if you are selected randomly, then you get to skip the line on Senior Pub Night because people usually start waiting in line way ahead of time,” said Fleming.

Fleming says that the opportunity for a ‘Free Senior Week’ is something that you don’t want to miss either.

“This year, we have something called a loyalty card, which is if you go to every single Senior Pub night, your card gets punched each time. At the end, if you are all punched, you will get entered into a raffle for a free Senior Week,” said Fleming.

Senior Week is when, a few days before graduation, seniors take over Seton and Merton Halls for the last week. The school has trips to Mohegan Sun and bars and runs different events. The week is expensive, with everything up to the buses for transportation and breakfast events needing to be paid for.

“Senior Pub Night is an event that takes place every month. There is one in November, but none in December since there is not enough time after Thanksgiving break. There are only seven Senior Pub Nights altogether throughout the whole school year. I wish more people came to these, because we are going to look back and remember these times,” said Fleming.

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