Hispanic Heritage Month Begins at Sacred Heart

By Henry Indictor

Staff Writer

La Hispanidad, the Spanish and Latino heritage club at Sacred Heart University has planned events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15.

La Hispanidad is one of Sacred Heart’s oldest clubs that celebrates diversity. For years they have taken pride in celebrating their culture.

“Sacred Heart is a place good place that is open for diversity. And by doing these events and promoting this month, we want to show people that there are a lot of positive things about our culture,” said Senior Manuela Contreras, the Co-President of La Hispanidad.

The club’s first meeting was Thursday Sept. 14. The club usually meets at 8 p.m.. in University Commons.

The first meeting of the year included food, drinks, and salsa dancing lessons taught by Contreras as well as sophomore and Co-President Dafine Franco.

Before Franco came to Sacred Heart, she was previously the leader of her High School’s Spanish Club. She has been very enthusiastic about her background and has been interested in her culture since she was very young.

“My mom was born in Peru and my dad was born in Colombia. My mom is also a Spanish teacher so that inspired me to learn more about my background,” said Franco.

The club has events planned that will bring recognition to Hispanic Heritage Month.

For example, they have scheduled a viewing party in Bergoglio Hall’s gaming room to watch a soccer match for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers. This event is open to all Sacred Heart students, even if they are not involved in La Hispanidad.

Contreras is enthusiastic about Latino heritage and she is trying to bring awareness to all the positives about different cultures.

“I was born in Columbia. Because I am an immigrant, I am affected when I see the picture that the media paints of us,” said Contreras. “I want to show people that there are a lot of positive things that have come from people of Latino Heritage. Sacred Heart is a great school to celebrate my diverse background and I hope that with our events we can send a message that there are so much to celebrate.”

La Hispanidad will continue to host events throughout the month of September and October. These events are free and open to all Sacred Heart students who may be interested.

La Hispanidad will be in the hallway outside of 63’s on Sept. 28 from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. selling bracelets from Latin American countries to raise money for free trade and Hispanic Heritage Month.

All proceeds will be donated to the La Pulseas Project, an organization that connects artists and students in over one thousand Central American Schools.

“Having Hispanic Heritage Month is important to me because it is a great time to share the good things about my culture that I am so passionate about,” said Franco.

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