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Sacred Heart University’s (SHU) history club is a student-run club where students who love history can go to discuss historical events and is open to all students who are passionate about history. 

The club gives students the ability to dictate and find interactive ways to learn about various time periods and topics throughout history. Students play trivia, jeopardy games, participate in debates, and discuss current events in history.

Senior Matt Carvone is the president of the club. Caravone is very eager to incorporate new creative ways to increase attendance at history clubs. Sophomore Dominic Vecciarelli is the treasurer. 

Senior Dominic Bartolo is the vice president and helps set up the meetings and delegate as VP. MaryAnn Droesch is the secretary and social media chair. She helps the history club have a presence online and keeps track of the topics or events covered in the meetings. 

Bartolo, Caravone, and Droesch are all history majors, while Vecciarelli is a sports broadcasting major which indicates how the club focuses on students’ passion for history. 

 The purpose of the club is for students to have a way of dissecting history in a different light without it being in a traditional classroom setting. 

“One of the biggest goals is to have a club that provides an encouraging environment that helps students see that history is more than just a class. History can be fun! Even though people may disagree, when history is put in a specific perspective, you can learn many different aspects of human intuition and Society itself,” said Caravone. 

The E-board’s main goal is to raise student involvement and reiterate that any student can join history club. 

Carravone hopes that anyone regardless of their major or minor can feel comfortable attending meetings. 

One of Bartolo’s favorite events was their 50 first day event where they had students learn about a specific day in history depending on their birthday. This event was highly successful, and they hope to do this event again next year. 

Carravone’s goal as president is to bring awareness to the history club through events and social media. History club is a fun way to discuss history without being in an academic setting, so students can have fun and take charge while learning about history. 

Senior Lauren Storm is a history major who is very busy with her sorority and various extracurricular activities. “I have been interested in joining the history club because I am a history major and I have a minor in political science, so I am very interested in the study of history and government. Once my schedule is less packed, I will finally be able to make it to a meeting,” Storm said. 

If you are interested in joining the history club, come to their meetings bi-weekly on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. or email shuhistoryclub@mail.sacredheart.edu for more information. 

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