Time For “Sunday Dinner”

By: Kathryn Andes

Staff Reporter

Hungry for a new show to binge watch? “Sunday Dinner,” airing on Facebook and Youtube this month, is a web series about a dysfunctional Italian family. Created, written and Directed by Junior and theatre arts major at Sacred Heart University Justin Weigel, the show is sure to satisfy your craving.

“The show revolves around the Petrillo clan; Vinny (the father), Angela (the mother), Janice (Angela’s sister), Frank, Marisa, Olivia, Lyndon Hilliard (Olivia’s fiance), and Ivan Ratamir (Marisa’s boyfriend),” said junior Justin Weigel theatre arts major.

This is Weigel’s first web series production and is loosely based off of his own family.

“My family inspired the show, but it really boils down to my grandparents, those two are at the heart of the show. Way too many of the plot lines and things the characters say are directly from them,” said Weigel.

Although he does not have plans to create another show, people are humored by the content of “Sunday Dinner”.

“So many people ask me where I come up with this stuff and they start bursting out laughing when I tell them it’s all real,” said Weigel.

Weigel’s job aspirations after graduation are to write for “Late Night” with Seth Meyers.

Junior and management/ theatre major, Andrew Patino also worked on the show with Weigel as the producer.

“My job is  to create a marketing plan for  the show as well as keep everyone on top of their tasks. I do my best to make it a smooth process from start to finish,” said Patino.

Patino has produced shows at Sacred Heart before, three this year alone including “Reefer Madness”, “Importance of Being Earnest”, and “Hair”.

“I have produced various shows here for the Theatre Arts Program.  For all of those productions, I have a base to work from. For this show, I have to do everything from scratch. I think that this is an opportunity that better reflects producing in the real world,” said Patino.

Patino’s goal is to continue to produce shows, to work on the business end of Theatre and to become a producer.

“I really want to be able to perfect this craft, “ said Patino.

Junior media arts major at SHU and actress in “Sunday Dinner”, Rose McKenna plays a main role as Janice, Angela’s sister.

“Janice is the definition of a pot stirrer, she’s a spit fire and says just about whatever she wants, ” said McKenna.

McKenna has been acting for a long time and would absolutely act in another show created by Weigel and produced by Patino.

“I started acting when I was in the 4th grade and I have had such a strong passion for it ever since. However, this is the first time I’m acting on camera so I’m excited to see where this goes!” said McKenna.

There are many actors and actresses involved in “Sunday Dinner” alongside McKenna. Bradly Taylor as Vinny, Tori Vacca as Angela, Rose McKenna as Janice, Greg Argenio as Frank, Marisa Tache as Marisa, Rebecca Radisic as Olivia, Henley Solomon as Lyndon Hilliard, and Matt Henshaw as Ivan Ratamir.

Although Sacred Heart was not involved in the creation of the show, Weigel wrote it for “Theatrefest”, a student written playwright festival in the Theatre Arts program.

“SHU being the collaborative and encouraging environment it is, threw its support behind us and said go create!” said Weigel.

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