It’s Time to Make a Switch

A model puts the controller on to the Nintendo Switch during a presentation event of the new Nintendo Switch in Tokyo, Friday, Jan. 13, 2017. Photo by Koji Sasahara/AP Photo.

By Peter Ciocca

Staff Reporter

On Friday, March 3, Nintendo came out with its newest gaming system, the Nintendo Switch.

According to, the gaming system is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from a home console to a portable system instantaneously.

There are two Nintendo Switch joy-con options. One in grey and the other in neon blue and neon red. Due to its easy transportability, the new gaming system is intended to give its users more time to play their games.

“I think creating the system is exactly what Nintendo needs, a change in pace and a new system is exactly what will help,” said senior Zack Ramirez.

Nintendo now allows their customers to use the new gaming system anywhere, not just in your home.

“I think creating this new system is absolutely genius. All the new games and features will have these things flying off the shelves. Nintendo never disappoints,” said freshman Gerardo DiFilippo.

According to, the creation of the switch is the company’s hope for a saving’s grace in the industry.

Many people are fond of the idea and think it could work, but the question that tends to come up is whether or not the people will be able to use the system the way the company hopes.

“The failure that seems to be trendy lately for Nintendo, in my opinion, isn’t necessarily because their systems are poorly made, it’s the games that they are lacking in,” said junior Nick Mignone. “With the major gaming titles being secured by consoles like Xbox One and PlayStation 4, I can’t see Nintendo really making a comeback.”

The newest gaming system is listed at $300 for the complete console.

“I absolutely plan on buying this new system. I am an avid user of Nintendo products and plan on getting this device ASAP,” said DiFilippo.

While some think that Nintendo could potentially make a comeback into the gaming world, there are others who think this new gaming system won’t help the company make a return.

“I have no intention on buying this system. I have honestly forgotten about Nintendo for years now and I have no problem continuing playing Xbox or PlayStation, the real gaming consoles,” said Mignone.

Early reviews have been positive and the gamers who have the system seem to like the new gaming console.

The Nintendo Switch is availabale online at most major stores, including Best Buy and Target.

“I hope that Nintendo continues to grow and expand and live up to all the hype they have produced since the Mario days. I would buy the system if I had the time and money, but definitely an option down the road when the hype is over,” said Ramirez.

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