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On Sept. 16, the first Agape Latte of the school year was held at Linda’s. The Agape Latte team brought in Sacred Heart University alumna class of 2013, Mia James, to speak about how she makes listening to God a priority in her life. James has found her way back to Sacred Heart University six years later, as she is currently working in Human Resources.

“I am looking forward to seeing how faith plays a role in the life of a human resource employee and in Mia’s life in general,” said senior Anthony Smith.

Many students were looking forward to hearing about James’ post-graduation life and how she opened herself up to God and was able to listen to His guidance.

As an alumna of Sacred Heart, many students could relate to James’ experiences and stories she shared.

“I love Sacred Heart,” said James. “I was the student body president for two years, so loving Sacred Heart is an understatement.”

James said she did not know Agape Latte existed, but she believes that she was called to be here and tell her story. James also said that her experience at Sacred Heart was very positive and she would not change any of it for the world.

“Anything you can be involved in, I was involved in, and it really shaped me as a person,” said James. “While I didn’t always understand how it was shaping the person I would become, it influenced me into the adult I am today.”

After graduating from Sacred Heart University, James felt a lot of pressure in figuring out exactly what she was doing with her life. She had thought she wanted to be a teacher, but then realized that it was not the direction she wanted to go in with her life.   

James’ speech focused on ways to listen to God. She also emphasized the importance of listening to God in times when you are overwhelmed and stressed.

“God is trying to talk to you when you are in those moments, even when you are not listening,” said James.

In closing, James spoke about how she believes the only way you can truly listen to God is by loving him with all your heart, soul, and mind. She explained that sometimes, the best thing to do when you are having trouble listening to God is to rest. James says when your mind is clouded with all this anxiety and fear of the unknown, it is hard to be listening out for when God is trying to guide you.

“I thought the speaker was really amazing, and she really inspired me,” said freshman Christie Kelly. “I almost didn’t come, but I am so glad I did, and I am definitely coming to the next one.”

There were more than just students attending Agape Latte to listen to what James had to talk about.

Sabina Petillo, President Petillo’s wife, attended the event. Petillo knew James personally through her involvements throughout her four years at Sacred Heart University.

“I have known Mia since she was a student at Sacred Heart, and I was so happy to hear her reflect on her journey these past few years since graduation. The way she highlighted her understanding of God’s message was heartwarming and profound,” said Petillo.

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