Need to Get Your Nails Done?

Do you need a new nail tech? Check out graduate student, Jen Pasram’s nail business. 

After Pasram got sent home due to COVID-19, nail salons were closing so she started posting on Instagram (@jens.nailbar) of her doing her mom and sister’s nails. 

“As I kept posting and got better, I thought maybe I could keep doing this at school as a side hustle and make some money for it. My Instagram started to blow up and I was meeting friends of friends,” said Pasram. 

Pasram has a mud room in her house off-campus where she has her setup. The price of an acrylic full set is $40, an acrylic fill is $35, a dip full set is $40, and a gel set is $30. She charges $2 per nail for designs. 

“My main goal is to become a physical therapist but it would be nice to continue doing nails even if it is just friends and family and keep my Instagram alive so I can look back at what I have done, because it is art,” said Pasram. 

Her favorite set she has done was on junior Erin Dunn, gel nails with a French tip style that combined dots of white and color for a speckled design. 

“I’ve never doubted whether she’s using good products or keeping her instruments clean, you can just tell she runs her studio like it’s a professional business and that duality is exactly why I love it,” said Dunn. 

Dunn prefers the atmosphere with Pasram over any other salon off-campus. “Since she’s 

my age, I am more comfortable in her chair. I find it natural to speak up if I want something changed, which I find is difficult in an off-campus salon,” said Dunn. 

Junior Sam Gustin’s favorite set done by Pasram was Valentine’s Day theme with diamonds and hearts. 

“With Jen, the hour and a half fly by because we’re just having so much fun,” said Gustin. 

Pasram offers a punch card that if you go ten times, you can get a free set. 

“I cannot encourage going to see Jen enough for girls looking for a new place to get their nails done,” said Dunn. “It’s cheaper and she’s also extremely talented and willing to try almost any design you can think of.”

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