New Ulta Opens in Westfield-Trumbull Mall

Written by: Brianna Milano
Staff Writer

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on basic makeup products at Sephora? There is a new option at Westfield Trumbull where a new Ulta Beauty store opened on September 7.

Ulta is known for having a range of prices from drug store brand products to more higher end products.

Not only do they sell makeup, but they house anything from hair products, perfumes, skin care products, and hair styling tools. 

“Ulta is definitely more affordable because they sell drug store products, also you can get hair products there which is really helpful as well. It’s like a one stop shop,” said senior Ariana Colasuonno.

The store has bright lightening and many stands which are separated by different beauty products and tools.

With Ulta opening, there has been some disappointment among the loyal Sephora shoppers.

“I would rather them have opened a new restaurant since there is already a Sephora in the mall and that is where I will stay to shop. You can always order stuff online if you felt the need,” said sophomore Sarah Tedesco.

Those who have been awaiting for Ulta to open are excited and are planning to shop there instead of Sephora.

Sophomore Morgan Yannotta said, “I love Ulta so much. It is quick and cheap instead of going to Sephora and spending a fortune on name brand stuff.”

Before Ulta opened, Sephora was the only makeup store in the Westfield mall. Many students at Sacred Heart University did not shop there and instead traveled to the nearest Ulta, which is in Milford.

“I think Ulta is going to improve the beauty community here at SHU. From having drug store products to more high end, I think it’s a perfect medium between Sephora and CVS,”  said senior Liz Bivona.

Ulta also typically has a $3.50 off $15 coupon out for their customers. As well as that, Ulta also a section on their website which shows you the current promotions they are running online and in store.

  “I was driving to Milford to go to Ulta because it was the closest. They also offer a point system which results in money off, not just tiny travel products like Sephora. I love Ulta and I do not buy my makeup anywhere else,” said Bivona.

The cheapest foundation that Ulta has on their website is listed at $5.99. Sephora’s cheapest foundation comes in at $18. For most expensive, Sephora’s most expensive foundation is $120 and Ulta’s is $60.

“Ulta is one of my favorite makeup stores because it so affordable! It provides the best products and I am beyond excited that it opened up so close to school,” said junior Rachel Dufresne.

Ulta Beauty is open daily – Monday through Saturday their hours are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays they are open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  In many cases for Sacred Heart students, they are also excited that Ulta offers not only makeup and beauty products, but they also have beauty services. The Westfield-Trumbull Mall includes a hair salon, facials and skin treatments, and a brow bar.

“I love the new Ulta at the mall! They have so many beauty products that can suit anyone who visits the store. I would definitely recommend Ulta to anyone who is looking for some new makeup and/or beauty products,” said senior Ella Dybas.

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