Sacred Heart’s Political Chapters: The Donkey vs. the Elephant

By Hannah O’Brien

Staff Reporter

With 2016 being the United States’ election year, the Democratic and Republican chapters at Sacred Heart University are becoming more active.

Sacred Heart’s College Democrats and College Republicans had a lot to share on the upcoming election.

Senior Bridget Hughes, president of Sacred Heart’s Democrats chapter, expressed her excitement for the policies going to be brought up at the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“I’m really looking forward to hearing some real policies being discussed,” said Hughes. “Regardless of the symbols or movements associated with Trump or Clinton, what will truly impact the American people are the concrete ideas they bring to the table.”

Sacred Heart’s College Republicans president, junior Michael Degennaro, was interested in finding out how each candidate would run the country. Degennaro also mentioned that he is concerned with how the candidates plan on improving America.

Although the two chapters have different political beliefs, they do share a common goal when it comes to encouraging their members to become more active. Degennaro wishes for his club to grow into a strong organization, as it has been in previous years.

“I also want to give students the opportunity to come to each meeting and express their opinions on current events that are taking place in the United States, as well as globally,” said Degennaro. “For many college students, this is the first presidential election that they are able to vote in, so I want to make sure everyone is an informed voter.”

As far as Hughes’s goals, she is striving for members to get involved.

“There’s so much passion for service on campus and I would love to connect that passion with organizations and candidates making a real difference in our community,” said Hughes.

Sacred Heart’s Democratic and Republican chapters are active in events on campus and off campus. The club aims to have Democratic members involved in campaigns and non-profit organizations that are on real world politics. One way they are already including themselves on-campus is by being a part of Constitution Day on Sept. 21.

Constitution Day is a part of Sacred Heart’s Human Journey Colloquia Series. The university will be featuring guest speaker Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen. He will be addressing students about the country’s Constitution. Jepsen is also the state’s Democratic state party chairmen and private practitioner.

In addition, both political chapters will be attending the Presidential Debate Watch Party hosted by the AARP of Connecticut, Sacred Heart and the Greater Bridgeport Latino Network.

“I feel that this is a great opportunity for members of the College Republicans to network with the different organizations,” said Degennaro.

Degennaro hopes that students will be able to form their own opinions on which candidate they will ultimately be supporting after watching the debate.

He believes his members are knowledgeable about both presidential candidates, “regardless of their political affiliations.”

The first debate will be airing on Sept. 26. Both chapters are waiting eagerly to see what it will entail.

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