Deasha Bent, a senior at Sacred Heart University, has taken it upon herself to share her story as a young Black woman to help others relate to her past experiences. She was given this opportunity when she discovered SheIsArt Media, which allowed her to share her story through digital content.

This digital magazine produces articles that focus on business, beauty, lifestyle and health. These articles feature Black women who work within those particular fields and give them a platform to share their stories and experiences. 

Each social media account also showcases Black women who have made a difference along with some of their accomplishments. 

SheIsArt’s slogan is “Acknowledge, Release and Teach,” which is also what ART stands for. Bent explained that this is to allow all people to acknowledge the hardships that Black women go through, to release any tension that they may be feeling internally and to teach younger audiences about what it means to be a Black woman in the United States. 

“Being a Black person and then a Black girl at the same time, it’s kind of like I’m that 1% in every classroom. So when I found SheIsArt, a lot of my attention from those experiences kind of fell into there,” said Bent. 

Bent is the website manager and content creator for SheIsArt Media. She found this company through word of mouth, and she has been working with them since June 2020. 

In 2019, SheIsArt was selected to pitch their business to investors at the Fairfield StartUp Showcase. The idea soon blossomed into a digital platform that allows women of color to speak their truth. 

“Here we acknowledge who we are, we stand firm in our truth and believe that every Black woman has the right to exercise their voice because for so long it has either been taken away or silenced. We’ve created a community for Black women to learn, share, and be their authentic selves,” said Candice Peterkin, founder and creator of SheIsArt. 

The website also provides video interviews with influential women who are a part of the Black community. These women share their empowering stories from their personal lives and the struggles they have gone through. 

The business has been looking for opportunities for financial growth as well as people to add to their team.  

On Nov. 28, SheIsArt will host a virtual masterclass led by Danielle Gant. This class is held for anybody who wants to learn different makeup techniques and talk with others who share this interest. There will be different sessions based on skill level so that people can learn based on their previous experience. 

The event will be sponsored by Black-owned makeup companies that are just starting out. There will also be giveaways during the event.

“By creating a masterclass that focuses on the epitome of the Black woman’s beauty, we are opening doors for young Black women to learn how to truly embody their looks, and we are allowing them to understand that makeup can only enhance the God-given beauty they already have,” said Peterkin.

For more information about SheIsArt Media, visit To sign up for the masterclass, visit

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