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Members of the Sacred Heart University’s marching band as well as the color guard had the opportunity to be featured in an episode of the new Showtime series “Three Women.” 

The series is based on the book “Three Women” published in 2019, written by Lisa Taddeo. On Wednesday, Feb. 23 and Thursday, Feb. 24, 22 members of Sacred Heart University’s marching band as well as 11 members of the color guard went to the set on Long Island for a day of rehearsal and then a day of shooting. 

“It was an insanely long two days of rehearsal and filming, so we were all exhausted, but in awe of the experience we were having,” said senior color guard captain Maeve St. Onge. 

According to the press release from the university, each day the students were on set they were there for 12 hours long and a four-hour long trip to and from campus. 

“It is a big commitment,” said Keith Johnston, Director of Bands and Orchestra. “Your missing classes two days in a row and so you had to really want to do that.” 

This was also a learning opportunity for the students who attended. 

“I was really shocked and excited for this unique opportunity,” said freshman band member Jackson Schiffbauer. “It showed a different aspect of what a band does.” 

“It’s such a great experience to increase my leadership and choreography skills, said St. Onge.  “I love the group of people it has brought me to with all my heart.”

The students also were able to see what working in the film industry and on a TV show set looks like up close. 

“Most of us have never have done this type of thing before. We all loved every moment of it,” said Schiffbauer. 

“Just being involved when you are on set and you see how many people are involved and all of the different responsibilities for making something happen, you get a very different feel,” said Johnston. 

In addition, the episode will showcase the color guard preforming. 

“Being on the show was incredible because it was an opportunity to bring color guard to the television world, which is something you rarely see,” said St. Onge. 

Having the opportunity to be on this series brought out a lot of different emotions for the students. 

“I would describe the emotions for me and my peers as ecstatic,” said Schiffbauer. “We were so excited to take part in this. We all loved every moment of it.” 

Although the Showtime series “Three Women” does not have a release date yet they have heard possibly in the fall of 2022.  

“We are all very excited to see the episode when it comes out and are even planning our own little red carpet watch party,” said St. Onge.

These students got to experience something that they will never forget. 

“Sacred Heart is a school that is producing students who need to be able to go out into the broader world,” said Johnston. “Anytime we can participate in anything like this it gives us national exposure as well as an enormous educational benefit for students and that is worth its weight from my standpoint.” 

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