Student Ambassador Applications Are Out

Students at Sacred Heart University can apply to become Student Ambassadors starting March 10. Student Ambassadors give tours and help run open houses, among many other responsibilities.

A Student Ambassador’s main purpose is to encourage prospective freshmen to choose Sacred Heart. One of their roles includes showing the attractions of the campus. For example, the Bobby Valentine Health & Recreation Center and the 63’s dining hall are popular spots to show on tours.

Another role of Student Ambassadors is to be a symbol of Sacred Heart and to represent the university’s core ideals.

The program allows prospective students to have more confidence to choose Sacred Heart and feel comfortable at the university. Student Ambassadors do their best to answer visitors’ questions during tours.  

Student Ambassadors mainly help the undergraduate admissions office with “showcasing SHU Pride,” running events and welcoming families, according to junior Grace O’Rourke.

“My advice for people thinking about applying is to be yourself,” said O’Rourke. “Don’t try and change your personality or the way you act to ‘fit’ the ambassador position. Go in with an open and positive attitude.”  

Senior Admissions Assistants Julia Tavolilla and Emma Wollweber advised the same as O’ Rourke. Being themselves is most important to make prospective families choose Sacred Heart because they should understand the facts come from Student Ambassadors’ hearts.

“Being a Student Ambassador is to reflect what the university stands for,” said senior Thomas Lawless. “It means expressing your love for the university and why you chose Sacred Heart as your home away from home.”

Becoming Student Ambassadors can make students’ college life more fulfilling because they can meet new people. Going on tours gives Student Ambassadors and prospective students opportunities to know each other directly before they enter college.

Through the program, students can learn many kinds of skills, such as how to communicate with each other and have more confidence.

Visiting students and families can see the special view about the school coming from Student Ambassadors.

“We are truly a family and support one another to do our best,” said Tavolilla. “Join our family and watch how much you will grow and lend a helping hand to other students looking for their home.”

Ambassadors can learn more about the charms of Sacred Heart while giving tours, especially through preparing their scripts for tours, during which they learn more about each building and location on campus.

In addition to better understanding the university itself, Student Ambassadors also gain understanding about themselves.

Application information for Student Ambassadors was sent out by Rob Gilmore, Director of Campus Experience, on March 10. Information sessions were held on March 8-10. The application due date is March 26.

Students can also find information about how to apply for this position through the Instagram @shu_studentambassadors.

“If you love Sacred Heart and want to be part of something bigger than yourself, the student ambassador program is the one for you,” said Lawless. “There is no better feeling than giving a tour to a prospective student.”

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