Study Abroad: An Opportunity Like No Other

Sacred Heart University’s study abroad program is hosting information sessions for the fall and spring semesters of the 2023-2024 school year.

“There are programs offered for our Sacred Heart campus in Dingle, Ireland, John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, the University of Notre Dame Australia in Fremantle, Western Australia, as well as CIEE programs which allow students to spend three to six week sessions in various cities all over the world,” said junior global ambassador Mary Durant.

When students study abroad in one of the many countries that SHU offers, they can take classes that transfer back to their major requirements, which allows them to stay on track for graduation.

“You definitely had to be able to balance your time as a student over there and you had to be prepared to study in advance, so you were able to explore the town and go on the field trips that they have for you,” said junior global ambassador Lizzy Encke. “I learned I had to manage my time.”

The study abroad global ambassadors are always available to answer questions about applications for the fall semester which are due March 15.

While studying abroad, students can take classes for their major.

“Since I’m a nursing major, I did a health assessment where we had labs and we had a nurse as our professor. I also took pathophysiology which was online, and I had to teach myself,” said Encke.

With studying abroad, students have the accessibility to visit new countries and cities.

“While I was abroad in Australia, I had the opportunity to travel to Sydney and Melbourne, North and South of Perth to see much of the Australian Outback, as well as to Phuket, Thailand, and Bali, Indonesi,” said Durant.

Studying abroad has left a big impact on Encke’s life.

“When someone asks me, what did you get out of studying abroad, it was being really immersed in the culture and the community. You became really good friends with all the people that you studied abroad with. We also became really close with the people in the town,” said Encke. “When I left, I cried.”

According to the SHU Study Abroad website, students who study abroad gain more knowledge, self-confidence, and independence.

“Spending a semester abroad in Australia has always been a goal of mine, and being able to achieve that goal is the most amazing feeling,” said Durant. “I learned a whole new sense of individuality, something far different than I learned moving to SHU as a freshman.”

“I am so lucky to have had the opportunity to study abroad in such a unique way and I am forever grateful for the memories and the friendships I made.” said Durant.

For students looking to learn more about the study abroad program at SHU, visit the Office of Global Education in the main academic building near 63’s or visit their website or check out the Instagram @shugobal.

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