Three Sisters, One Campus: Meet the Catino Family

Ever wish your family could be at school with you? Well for the Catino sisters, home is always close by at Sacred Heart University.

Angelina, Lucia, and Gabriella Catino, from Boston, Mass., all attend or have attended Sacred Heart. Gabriella graduated in May of 2023, Lucia is a senior, and Angelina is currently a freshman.

“When I first was picking out schools, I wanted one that wasn’t too far from home, mid-sized and preferably private Catholic school. I was also looking at nursing programs. Once I toured, I really liked it because I felt that it was friendly, community based and I was impressed by the nursing facilities,” said Gabriella.

Lucia went with Gabriella to tour SHU when she was in high school.

“Gabby was interested in nursing, when we toured, I thought, wow Sacred Heart is so beautiful, and the tour was great. We both loved it,” said Lucia.

Lucia is currently the captain for the Division I rowing team.

“Gabby always told me how much she loved it, and I ended up reaching out to coaches for rowing. My sister was already here, and we had been in school together our whole life so, when I heard back from my coaches, I knew my decision was made,” said Lucia.

“My sisters always told me how nice everyone here was, and how many people are here to help you become a better version of yourself, so I think my sisters did have a significant impact on me coming to SHU. I also wanted to go to a school that was close enough that I could go home if I needed to, but having Lucia here is like having home on campus,” said Angelina. “Sacred Heart also gave me to opportunity to play hockey. Having a women’s club hockey team made me choose SHU.”

The Catino sisters having each other on campus gave them the opportunity to get involved in different clubs together.

“Gabby and I were both involved in the Are You Autism Aware? club. I also am in the Criminal Justice Club, I mentor at a local middle school and I’m also a part of the Pioneer Service grant,” said Angelina.

“I was in the nursing program, so [I was part of] the Student Nurse Association. I was also in the Are You Autism Aware? club for three years, as well as mentoring with them. Me and Lucia both were in the Italian club together,” said Gabriella.

“We both minored in Italian, so we went to meetings together. They do annual dinner so we would always go together,” said Lucia.

Pam Pillo, the Assistant Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions shared statistics on siblings who attend Sacred Heart.

“This fall, about 5% of incoming students have a sibling who currently attends or graduated from Sacred Heart. Often families will attend college visits together. Younger siblings are able to get an early start on considering their college options. We continue to receive feedback from students who feel SHU is their second home. This sentiment often attracts family members to strongly consider SHU,” said Pillo.

“I wish I had both of them, but the best part of having family on campus is just having someone to always go to. Academically, having someone to help me register for classes. Having them here has been a big part of me getting acclimated here, even though Gabby’s graduated and Lucia’s off campus,” said Angelina. “Being able to just call or text my sister has made my time here so helpful.”

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