Tired of Dining Hall Food?

For the students at Sacred Heart University, eating off-campus is a treasured privilege. On any given day, you can find groups of friends discussing their favorite places to eat and planning for the upcoming weekend.

“My favorite places to go eat are at The Sitting Duck, Metro Kitchen, Little Pub, Flip Side, and Romanacci’s,” said junior Hannah Baker.

With the bustling towns that surround Sacred Heart, the options are endless. There is something for everyone in Fairfield County.

Junior Madissen Aligo said, “My favorite thing about eating off campus is having a bigger variety of food.” That is why eating off-campus has become a popular option for many students looking to break away from the average college dining hall experience.

Whether it is the long lines or the lack of variety, SHU students always are in search of something different and exciting.

For those without a form of personal transportation, the shuttles go to downtown Fairfield on Thursdays, Fridays, and weekends.

Junior Allison Santoro said, “When I lived on campus, we would Uber to these places because they are not too far, but now that I live off campus we tend to drive.”

Even walking a few blocks down Main Street will take you past numerous cafes and eateries which offer quick bites and affordable prices. Some even have delivery services available, so you do not have to leave your dorm room.

If going out is not an option due to budget restrictions or other reasons, there are plenty of ways that students can still enjoy off-campus food without breaking the bank. Many local stores offer discounts and deals on items.

Your SHU ID is even valid at select restaurants which allows students to gain discounts and alleviate the stress of paying for the meal.

Boca Oyster Bar in Bridgeport, Colony Grill in Fairfield, The Cheesecake Factory in Trumbull, and Viva Zapata in Westport are just some of the options where students can use their IDs. The complete list of restaurants can be found on the SHU website.

The fan-favorite restaurants include Fairfield Social, The Sitting Duck, and Flip Side.

“Each time I try to order something different, so I can try a new thing,” said Santoro.

The Sitting Duck is a small business that has been open for over fifteen years and has become renowned for its unique atmosphere, delicious food, and friendly service.

Fairfield Social, with its comfortable lounges and extensive menu options, has plenty of snacks available like chips and salsa as well as some delicious desserts such as its famous warm cookies served with ice cream.

The Flip Side is in the heart of downtown Hartford. This eatery has been turning heads since it opened its doors earlier this year. The menu features classic American cuisine, all made from locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

The atmosphere which each of these restaurants provides gives students the opportunity to relax and share a meal with their friends which is a unique experience from the regular dining hall.

“My favorite thing about eating off campus is getting to have one-on-one time with my housemates and other friends. It is a place where we can sit and chat for a while and really catch up,” said Hannah Baker.

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