He Said, She Said: Professional Sports vs. College Sports

By: Melanie Dasilva

Sports Editor

As much as we love professional sports, there is just something special about watching and following college sports. I am not saying that professional players are not fun to watch, because they are the best of the best. But that is why college sports is more favorable to me.

Unfortunately, not every college player will have a professional career, so those who chose to play sports in college play with more passion. For most, college is the highest level they will ever compete in and they are aware of that which is what makes it so special to watch. They do not play for money since they don’t get paid, they instead play for the love of the sport. College players leave their blood, sweat and tears on the field every single time they step onto it.

College players are loyal to their universities when they commit to play there so it is evident that they enjoy representing their schools’ colors when they play. Very rarely do college players move schools to win a ring or change schools every year because they can. If a player does transfer it is usually due to personal reasons and we as fans are accepting and respectful of that. The bonds between fans and college players are so strong.

College traditions are a big factor why college sports are more exciting than professional sports. From fight songs to marching bands, NCAA traditions are unmatchable to professional sports. Some of the traditions were started by players, some by the schools and many by the students and fans like us. Each tradition makes each university special and more meaningful to be a part of.

Tournaments are another intense part of college sports. They are my favorite. We are currently in March, so March Madness is going on, and there is truly nothing better. Small colleges are always trying their best to knock off the top teams and the top teams are always trying to win more championships for their school. It is the best couple of weeks, and even professional players across different leagues make brackets and watch college kids play their hearts out.

I could go on and on with this topic but one of the top reasons that college sports are better than professional sports are the fans. There is nothing more intimate in sports than college teams and their fans. You are so close with the players and you do not have to spend a lot of money each game you go watch. Even when you do go watch professionals, they don’t interact with you as much as college players do.

So, as for the debate between college sports and professional sports, there is without a doubt in my mind that college sports are better than professional sports.

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