She Said: Is the Pitt Center Really for Everyone?

By Victoria Mescall

News Editor

Every winter, the student body packs the Pitt to celebrate and cheer for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. But what we neglect to talk about, is how the Pitt Center is packed every other day of the year too.

Sacred Heart University is continually growing, a fact we as students are constantly reminded of by the ever present construction sites on campus. And for that reason, the new Bobby Valentine athletic facility will be hopefully opening in the next year.

But for the time being, the workout section of the Pitt is packed. And it can be intimidating for an average student to try and get their sweat session in, and walk downstairs to an entire sports team in the middle of a training session.

Athletics can be a great unifier. It’s can unite people of all backgrounds to support a common goal, or game.

That’s why I believe the best day of the week is gameday. And there is nothing better than gameday in college. Looking out over a sea of Pioneers decked out in red and white, and ready to cheer on their peers is absolutely a sight to see.

And what I love most about athletics is the respect it instills in its members. I admire the respect they have for their teammates who turn into family, for the game that is bigger than themselves, and for their schools and programs.

But why does the respect on the field not always translate off? Why does it find fault in the open gym workout section of the Pitt?

Just because I don’t have a D1 commitment, doesn’t mean I’m not an athlete. I am just as athletic as you, even without an adidas red backpack and a groutfit.

Athleticism isn’t an ultimatum, it’s a spectrum. Some people are fast, some people are strong, and some people are flexible.

All are important.

All are valid.

And I don’t need a Nike or Adidas sponsorship to know that I’m an athlete. And I am just as entitled to use the fitness centers as you are.

You’re not hot stuff just because you go D1. The club football team was undefeated this season, just won their conference, and are headed to the playoffs. They deserve just as much respect and support as the varsity team on campus.

The Dance, Cheer, and Color Guard teams are all under loved sports too. Just because they aren’t throwing a ball or running a certain distance, doesn’t mean they aren’t a group of competitive athletes. And it sure doesn’t mean their programs deserve any less respect than yours.

I know plenty of athletes that got recruited by D3 schools that could out play, out smart, and out sportmanship D1 athletes. Your division does not make you better than tehm.

It isn’t about what brand you wear, who watched your highlight reel, or how heavy you squat. It’s about the love of the game.

We’re all pioneers. So when we pack the Pitt in support of a team or in support of our health, remember to respect that.

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