She Said: Christmas Trees: Real or Fake

BY Carolyn Lisboa

Asst. Advertising & PR Manager

As December rolls around, there is nothing more festive than putting up a Christmas tree. My fondest childhood memories of the holidays revolve around decorating the tree and blasting Christmas carols in the background. In my opinion, it has always been the perfect way to transition into and experience that first “feel” of the Christmas season.

That being said, an artificial tree is definitely the way to go when it comes to decking the halls. It’s just more convenient in comparison to getting a real pine tree to adorn.

I grew up on a desert island in the Middle East where lush greenery was pretty much non-existent. Because of this, we never really had any opportunity to go and pick out a real tree. Even without these constraints, I would still prefer to just have an artificial tree to just dig out of the attic or basement and decorate at the start of the holidays.

An artificial tree is a one-time invest-ment that you can use again every year. This makes it a cost-effective option against having to buy a fresh pine tree on an annual basis. In recent years, artificial trees have become so commonplace that you can conveniently purchase them at different price points and in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from any nearby department store.

Some may consider making a fun holiday trip out of driving out into the wild to carefully pick out a real tree. However, for many, setting aside a whole day for doing so can seem impractical. An artificial tree provides a time-saving alternative to having a Christmas tree to put up in your home. You get to skip the pain of finding “the perfect tree” each year because you can just reuse the same one over and over again.

Moreover, a real tree can be very high-maintenance. It requires continuous watering and can leave an unruly mess on the floor because of how pine trees shed their needles. An artificial tree does not demand much attention apart from the initial assembly process and post-holiday dismantling. Furthermore, it retains its perfect shape unlike a real tree, which can lose its vibrancy as the season goes by.

For many, putting up a Christmas tree is the most ideal means of getting into the holiday spirit. As enticing as the real deal may appear when deciding what kind of tree to get, my two cents is to just bypass the hassle of having a real tree and stick to a synthetic one. As long as you prioritize experiencing the true meaning of the season, the “realness” of your tree does not matter.

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