A Word (Or 500+) on Lateness- She Said

She Said: 


I never really considered myself a “late” person, more of a “barely on-time person.” But, here I was walking into the Sunday Spectrum topics meeting about five minutes late because, well, Sundays are my lazy days, and I just needed to get a Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee before heading to the office. (I blamed it on non-existent traffic.)  

I was not only greeted by just about all of the staff, but with, “Why are you always late?” and “Wow, nice of you to show up!” In my defense, I am on photo and therefor have no topics to present at the meeting, and as I said before, I needed Dunkin’ Donuts. So in reality, I am not necessarily needed at these Sunday meetings that I am always late to. The staff should be happy I decide to grace them with my presence.  

A queen once said, “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.” I mean, it was Queen Clarisse from “The Princess Diaries,” but a true queen in my book. I have been told from our Editor in Chief Alexa that I am the photo queen, giving me permission to live by this quote.  

The main issue I have with being a “barely on-time” person, it that I am very easily distracted. Last Thursday I was working very hard on a personal website for one of my classes. I was getting really into it, placing photos and putting my resumé up. Realizing I was hungry I went into the kitchen to make some dinner when my roommate asked, “What are you doing?” In my head I said to myself, “Obviously making dinner.” Before, I could answer she asked, “Didn’t you have dance like five minutes ago?”  

Now, picture me in my slippers running to my car to drive to West Campus to make it to dance at a reasonable time. I was so into my homework that I completely forgot what time I had dance practice. I didn’t almost miss dance because I am unorganized. I own a planner and a white board where I write down my dance practices and homework assignments. This just goes to show how dedicated I am to my studies and how involved I am on campus.  

Lastly in my defense, I don’t leave myself enough time to drive to places. Since I am from Staten Island, a borough of New York City, there is a lot of traffic. When I am at home I make sure to leave early enough to ensure that I take traffic into consideration. When I am at school, there is a lot less traffic, which leads me to think that I don’t have to take that into consideration when going somewhere. This typically backfires and I am stuck circling the school parking lots for a spot, sometimes making me late for a meeting or class. 

I am glad that Giovanna and Alexa chose me for this topic, because now I get to explain myself. Being “barely on-time” or “late” as some may call it, is just a way of life. This is just how I am and it’s definitely not going to change. If you’re like me, just keep doing what you’re doing. A queen is never late.  







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