“Cash Me Outside” Way to Fame

Danielle Bregoli became internet famous after her appearance on Dr. Phil. Photo from Dr. Phil’s Official Website.

By Faye Kenajian

Staff Reporter

Danielle Bregoli is a 13-year-old girl who has recently become famous because of her episode on Dr. Phil that was broadcasted in September. Ever since her episode aired, she has become an internet sensation because of what she said on the show.

The catchphrase that has become popular is, “cash me outside, how bout that.”

Bregoli’s mother, Barbara Ann, wrote to Dr. Phil that she wanted to go on the show because of her daughter’s unruly behavior. Bregoli steals, lies and is out of control according to Drphil.com.

After the show aired, Bregoli received over 8 million followers on Instagram, where she advertises her catchphrase on shirts that she sells. Memes, songs and videos have also been made about her. Bregoli has also recently been asked to make guest appearances.

TMZ.com reported that Danielle is making over $40 thousand to do a meet and greet with her fans.

“It is absolutely ridiculous that someone could do something so minor and not only become famous, but be making this much money,” said junior Sabrina Sadler. “There are people that are starving and poor and we’re handing 30,000 plus dollars to a person who said, ‘cash me outside.’ What does it say about our generation that we make someone who said just that a phenomenon? What does that say about our intelligence and interests as a whole?”

Bregoli remained in the news world and her popularity rose following the airing of her Dr. Phil episode.

Thesun.com claims that Bregoli was thrown off a
Spirit Airlines flight for getting into a fight with another passenger.

“I find it silly that this girl makes this much money for being on TV for being rude and displaying out of control behavior towards her mother. I think that if the statement she made maybe didn’t come off as disrespectful, I would find it to be more deserving, but I don’t think she deserves it,” said senior Giulia Giansiracusa.

According to Drphil.com, Dr. Phil invited her back onto his show for another episode appearance in order to show the audience that Bregoli was sent to a behavioral rehab facility and was getting better.

Since she has become famous, she is now acting the way she acted on her first episode.

“I have heard about this girl in the news before and I thought that the meme about her was funny at the time,” said junior Jennifer Carlson. “What she does after her 15 minutes of fame does not really concern my life. This girl can do whatever she wants to do with her life as long as she is not affecting or harming anyone else in the process of doing so.”

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