Is Mike Pence Running for President?

Is former Vice President Mike Pence considering a presidential campaign in 2024?

“I think it’s very probable for Mike Pence to run,” said Dr. Gary Rose, Chairman of the Department of Government.

The Associated Press reported, Pence is setting up a “Freedom Agenda” for Republicans in preparation for the upcoming midterm elections. This would guide potential GOP candidates, and himself, for upcoming campaigns.

According to the AP, Pence has spent the past few months traveling, and giving speeches about policy development and raising money for GOP midterm candidates. Pence, in partnership with his political group, Advancing American Freedom, began a $10 million ad campaign against congressional democrats.

“Elections are about the future, and I think it’s absolutely essential that, while we do our part to take the fight to the failed policies of the Biden administration and the radical left, at the same time, we want to offer a compelling vision built on our highest American ideals,” said Pence to AP reporters.

The former Congressman and Indiana Governor is creating a political identity outside of working with Trump. Attempting to separate himself, Pence has become more vocal in cases he previously stayed silent, such as the Jan. 6 insurrection.

“He gave the speech recently, and absolutely said in no uncertain terms that he did not have the right to overturn the election, which Trump wanted him to do,” said Rose. “To me, that was the start of his campaign.”

Some students question the likelihood of Pence’s potential campaign for president.

“I don’t think people would want to see a Mike Pence Presidency,” said junior Alejandro Ramos. “I think a majority of it has to do with being tied to Trump, and not appealing to the center.”

Other students think that his ties create a familiarity to voters.

“I think that students shouldn’t want former Vice President Mike Pence to run for President in 2024 considering his ties to Donald Trump,” said sophomore Ashley Czermack, President of Pioneer Vote. “However, I think that those who supported Trump may support Pence — of course, hypothetical, but I think that conservatives are going to stick with conservative names they’re familiar with.”

Pence is also not the first former vice president to consider a presidential bid. According to Rose, Biden is the most recent example of this, but looking back there are many instances like Al Gore in 2000.

“In some cases, it’s pretty clear who the party wants to nominate,” said Rose. “Somebody who was a vice president that runs for president can have challengers, but they are not always the front runner.”

Despite the possibility of Pence running, it does not mean he is the only option. According to the AP, the 2024 GOP primary will be a crowded ticket one that could include Trump himself.

According to Rose, he expects to see names like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, as well as Maryland Governor Larry Hogan on the GOP ballot. The potential candidates are all familiar names to the GOP, but many people wonder who will best represent their party.

“I wouldn’t put Pence as a frontrunner. He can appeal to part of the party, but he doesn’t have the hype that DeSantis has been getting down in Florida,” said Rose.

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